Hypervisor Part 1- What is a Hypervisor and How Does it Work?

A hypervisor allows multiple operating systems to share a CPU (or CPUs, in the case of multicore chips). While the basis of the technology is half a century old, the applications to embedded systems are new. In this whitepaper, we examine the underlying technology for, and some implementation details of, hypervisors specifically tailored for embedded systems.

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Randy Martin

Randy Martin is a product manager at BlackBerry’s QNX Software Systems, where he is responsible for managing QNX’s virtualization software led by the QNX embedded real-time Hypervisor. He is also part of the QNX acoustic team; helping to define and deliver soundscape solutions for the automobile. Before joining QNX, Chris was a senior product manager focused on virtualization technologies. He has held positions of increasing responsibility with hardware and software vendors, including Ciena, Nortel, Catena Networks, and Liquid Computing. Chris holds degrees in computer science, electronics, and economics from Algonquin College and Carleton University.