Tilcon delivers powerful development suite for QNX developers targeting the Compaq iPAQ

OTTAWA, Canada, June 19, 2002 - Tilcon Software Ltd. ("The Graphical Interface Company") brings QNX developers targeting the iPAQ platform powerful new tools to enhance embedded, mobile, and wireless computing.

The iPAQ, with its industry-leading handheld capabilities, is a popular platform for delivering innovative mobile technology solutions. Developers are being asked to produce dedicated applications for the iPAQ to serve a wide variety of needs such as field and service automation, health care, medical devices, and industrial automation.

Delivering application functionality for mobile devices has never been easier for the community of QNX developers targeting the iPAQ. With Tilcon's intuitive and feature-rich tools, user interface development for the iPAQ is fast and easy. Screens are built with point-and-click simplicity and brought to life with minimal coding using Tilcon's API, which is easy to learn and use.

The Tilcon graphics engine is compact, fully scalable, and ideal for small devices. Tilcon's toolbox of easily customized user interface objects is unrivalled in the industry and will allow iPAQ developers to quickly develop fully customized instruments and displays. Designers and engineers will especially appreciate the close integration of graphics and user interface objects allowing design and functionality to complement each other in branding a unique look and feel.

"Users have become accustomed to and are demanding rich graphics and highly responsive user interfaces. The challenge for today's mobile application developer is to quickly deliver an exceptional visual experience in constrained form factors, in impossibly tight deadlines. Tilcon drastically reduces the tedious chore of hand-coding today's demanding graphical applications. Flexibility, ease-of-use, and out-of-the-box attention-grabbing graphics all allow developers to quickly create innovative new applications." states Ernest Hollander, vice president, engineering at Tilcon Software.

Tilcon also provides a powerful mapping module for GPS and GIS applications, an ODBC module to connect to ODBC compliant databases, and an OPC client module that supports standard OPC servers, making Tilcon a formidable tool for embedded and wireless developers at the forefront of the mobile revolution.

"The rich graphical application support and functionality of the Tilcon Interface builder, combined with the highly scalable QNX® Neutrino® RTOS, enables application developers to easily deliver solutions for a broad range of industries. QNX OS technology and Tilcon graphics tools are a proven combination, at work in medical instruments, transportation systems, and other mission-critical applications," said Linda Campbell, vice president of strategic alliances at QNX Software Systems.

About Tilcon Software Ltd.
Tilcon has over 14 years experience in developing user interface tools for real-time and embedded application developers. The result is an effective development kit used worldwide in demanding, highly interactive applications. Clients include GE Transportation Systems, Gambro Renal Systems, Johnson & Johnson, NEC, Lockheed Martin, Ericsson, Satake, United States Postal Service, and many others. Product information and customer comments are available at Tilcon's web site, www.tilcon.com. Demo and complete evaluation systems at http://www.tilcon.com/download.html

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