QNX Drives Scheidt & Bachmann s New Multimedia Gas Pumps

HANOVER and MOENCHENGLADBACH, May 15, 2002 - Thanks to QNX® technology, the gas pump at your local service station may soon provide a lot more than a simple fill-up.

That's because Scheidt & Bachmann has just rolled out its new MZ 6100 multimedia dispensing system, a fuel dispenser that uses the QNX realtime OS to deliver a variety of "infotainment" services - including news, weather, sports, and local travel information.

The new QNX-based pumps can also display multimedia advertisements, allowing oil companies and gas-station owners to draw attention to their latest products and services. Morever, each pump is connected to a back-end web server, allowing station owners to not only download new information, but also to gauge customer response and measure the effectiveness of the various services provided by each pump.

"QNX Software Systems jump-started our development efforts by providing a reliable yet feature-rich software foundation for our system's multimedia applications," said Dieter Kempener, sales manager, multimedia at Scheidt & Bachmann. "But just as important, QNX proved to be a solid partner with excellent technical support throughout our development cycle - which made it possible to deliver the MZ 6100 multimedia pump system without complications and on time."

For Scheidt and Bachmann, reliability was everything. Every pump has to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, nonstop. The QNX RTOS, with its unique ability to run every driver, application, and protocol stack as a separate memory-protected process, allows the pumps to support new infotainment services on demand, while ensuring industrial-grade reliability.

Scheidt & Bachmann also needed to create a friendly user interface - the pumps' touchscreen displays have to be immediately intuitive to any user. QNX's windowing system, the QNX Photon® microGUI, provided the highly customizable "look and feel" that Scheidt & Bachmann needed to achieve their goal.

"The same QNX technology that drives Scheidt & Bachmann's innovative new gas pumps is also at work in everything from life-critical medical instruments to systems in the space shuttle," said Norbert Struck, managing director of QNX Software Systems. "No other operating system is at once so flexible and so reliable - which is exactly the combination of qualities that Scheidt and Bachmann needed to deliver such a range of services dependably."

More about the Scheidt & Bachmann MZ 6100 multimedia dispensing system
The MZ 6100 multimedia dispensing system has two color touchscreens (one on each side of the pump), two embedded computer running the QNX realtime OS, up to two power modules, and a choice of communication modules to interoperate with back-end systems. Thanks to the small memory footprint of the QNX realtime OS and QNX Photon microGUI, the system doesn't need disk drives or fans, thereby reducing the need for system maintenance.

The MZ 6100 system, along with a range of additional equipment to retrofit existing pump systems in the MZ 6100/6200 series, is available now from Scheidt & Bachmann.

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