Vector Informatik and QNX Improve Performance of In-Car Devices with New Instant Device Activation Solution


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  • New instant-on technology from QNX and Vector improves in-car device performance.
  • Infotainment systems can now start up in a fraction of a second without the need for dedicated silicon.
  • Solution has already been deployed in production programs by automakers worldwide.
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    DETROIT, Convergence 2006 Automotive Electronics Conference, October 16 - Automakers and Tier 1 auto suppliers who build in-car telematics and infotainment devices can now reduce system costs while achieving extremely fast start-up times, thanks to a new solution developed by QNX Software Systems and Vector Informatik.

    Vector, a provider of development tools, software components, and engineering services, has optimized their CANbedded environment to work with the QNX® Instant Device Activation technology development kit (TDK) on SOC-based designs that use a CAN controller. Designers of feature-rich navigation, telematics, and infotainment systems can use the companies’ combined solution to meet critical timing requirements, such as responding to a CAN power-up message in less than 50 milliseconds — even when the system boots from a “cold” state.

    In addition to cutting response times, the solution can generate cost savings in hardware. Customers implementing QNX Instant Device Activation software on Vector’s CANbedded solution can reduce their bill of materials by up to $8 per unit by eliminating hardware typically needed to speed up boot times.

    The QNX Instant Device Activation technology development kit (TDK) is based on “mini-driver” technology — highly efficient device drivers that start executing before the RTOS kernel is initialized. Defined in the system’s boot loader, these drivers can respond to a power-up message in a quick, timely fashion and ensure that no other messages are lost while the OS boots.

    “This collaboration brings tremendous benefits to automakers and their suppliers,” said Andrew Poliak, automotive segment manager for QNX Software Systems. “Together with Vector we have demonstrated how QNX Instant Device Activation technology goes beyond advanced research and already provides a clear competitive advantage in production programs around the world. It also further emphasizes how QNX successfully drives technology innovation while discovering ways to cut costs, making telematics systems affordable enough to be deployed in entry-level vehicles.”

    “This new technology enables us to shorten the startup time for a single-controller solution up to a factor of 25,” said Patrick Markl, project leader at Vector Informatik. “Thus we are directly addressing customer specifications for CAN communication startup times. Additionally, this technology simplifies the access of the application to the CANbedded stack by omitting the need for external interprocessor communication.”

    Product Information

    The QNX Instant Device Activation TDK is available now. It is compatible with the QNX Momentics® development suite Professional Edition v6.3, and can support processor architectures such as ARM, PowerPC, and SH-4.

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    Vector Informatik is the leading manufacturer of software tools and components for networking in electronic systems based on CAN, LIN, MOST and FlexRay, as well as a number of CAN-based protocols. This know-how is conveyed in the form of products or as a comprehensive consultation package with system and software engineering. Workshops and seminars round out our multifaceted training program. Worldwide customers in the automotive, heavy-duty vehicle, transport, and control engineering fields rely on solutions and products from the autonomous and independently owned Vector Group. Vector Informatik, founded in 1988, currently employs 640 people together with Vector Consulting GmbH and in the year 2005 achieved sales of 89 million euros. In addition to its headquarters in Stuttgart, Vector Informatik has an international presence with subsidiaries in Japan, France, Sweden, and the USA.

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