Operating Systems for Operating Rooms: you get what you pay for

Duration: 1 hour


Medical device manufacturers have two choices when it comes to selecting an operating system for their devices: open source or commercial. The perception with open source is that it a free option but when the total cost of ownership of an operating system is closely examined, a very different picture is painted.

The total cost of ownership for a project consists of many factors that may not be immediately apparent.  A simple decision based on a limited analysis of the cost of obtaining and licensing the source code is insufficient, especially when considering large cost items such as development, maintenance, certification, and the overall software team size and dynamic. 

Steven Dean, global healthcare segment manager at QNX Software Systems, will examine the operating system choice for medical device manufacturers and explain how the inherent benefits of faster time to market, easier pre-market approval, and lower total cost of ownership can make a commercial OS a much more attractive option than a “free” OS option. 

Estimated length:

1 hour, including Q & A.

Attend This Webinar To Learn About:
  •  The trend of hospitals and medical device manufacturers being scrutinized over total cost of ownership.
  •  The challenges of certifying a Linux-based medical device.
  •  How commercial OSs differ with regards with medical device maintenance.
  •  OS life-cycle costs that aren't initially considered, but that have a far bigger contribution to the total cost of ownership than the runtime licensing cost.
Presented by:
Steven Dean Global Healthcare Segment Manager, QNX Software Systems

Steven Dean has over 15 years’ experience in the medical device field and is currently responsible for leading the medical initiative at QNX Software as their Global Healthcare Segment Manager. 

Prior Steven directed similar initiatives at Freescale and TI, leveraging his experience as Director of Business Development at Medtronic Corporation. 


Steven obtained his degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, with postgraduate work in Business.

Steven’s leisure pursuits include spending time with his wife Kathy of 30 years, his three children, sailing in the tropics, and home brewing.