Moving to a scalable software platform for heavy machinery

Duration: 1 hour


Building intelligence into heavy machinery systems today is no easy task – there are a myriad features that must be considered. Of course, safety and reliability are paramount and must be engineered into these systems. Connectivity, support for multiple product lines, new hardware platforms, and software reuse are all factors that need to be considered. This webinar examines how to address these challenges with a scalable hardware and software platform.

Estimated length:

1 hour, including Q & A.

Speaker biography:
Kerry Johnson, Senior Automotive Product Manager, QNX Software Systems
Kerry Johnson

Kerry Johnson has more than 25 years' experience as a software design manager, product manager, and project manager in the mobile and telecommunications industries. He currently works as a senior automotive product manager at QNX Software Systems, where he is responsible for product roadmaps and introducing new technology to market.

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