QNX® Acoustics for Active Noise Control (ANC) provides a high-performance software solution for engine harmonic order reduction in passenger vehicles. By allowing automotive system designers to leverage existing audio and infotainment hardware, the QNX ANC library provides dramatic savings over existing hardware ANC solutions – while simultaneously increasing performance by up to 50% and providing enhanced design flexibility.

  • High performance engine order reduction software solution.
  • Compact and lightweight software portable to  the widest range of automotive DSPs and general purpose processors
  • Unique stability enhancement technology
  • Comprehensive tuning and diagnostic toolchain
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Product in Action


  • Pure software ANC implementation integrates into audio system in head unit or power amplifier
  • Rapid calibration and tuning
  • Portable ANSI C fixed and floating point libraries
  • Supported by QNX acoustics engineers
  • QNX acoustics interoperability
  • Diagnostic support
  • Flexible transducer configurations


Various types of drive-train technologies, such as variable cylinder management and lower RPM torque, help improve fuel efficiency but come at the cost of increased cabin noise.