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Trust your software and secure your supply chain with BlackBerry® Jarvis

BlackBerry® Jarvis is a powerful binary static analysis Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool that can help automakers secure their software supply chain. BlackBerry Jarvis inspects binary files in an easy, quick, scalable, and cost-effective way, and delivers deep insights into the quality and security of software components.

A modern car has over 100 million lines of software. As the software in a car grows so does the attack surface, which makes it more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Each poorly constructed piece of software represents a potential vulnerability that can be exploited by attackers.


Supply chain complexity

Automotive software is built by multiple tiers of suppliers with no established standards among them.

Source code access

Not all suppliers in the supply chain provide software in source code.

Manual inspection is costly

It would take thousands of engineers and years of work to manually inspect 100 million lines of code, built iteratively, for each car model.

BlackBerry Jarvis is Powerful

A customizable tool that delivers precise actionable insights

Inspects binary files for known security vulnerabilities and facilitates compliance with standards

Allows continuous enhancement of functionality through the addition and customization of “executors”

Helps companies achieve OEM-defined assurance standards across the software supply chain, regardless of supplier or stage in the development process

BlackBerry Jarvis is Easy to Use

No source code needed

Easy integration with existing development tools via APIs

User-friendly dashboards, with powerful drill-down analytics


Secure your software supply chain at a fraction of the cost of manual inspection

Pay as you go

This transformational tool will aid OEMs with software assurance assessment by delivering deep insights into the quality and security of software components.

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