QNX Evaluation Kits

The QNX Evaluation Kit is a QNX software demonstration and evaluation platform available to developers and systems integrators.


What is a QNX Evaluation Kit?

The QNX Evaluation Kit is a QNX software demonstration and evaluation platform available to developers and systems integrators. The evaluation platform consists of pre-integrated software components that include support on selected hardware platforms for the following:

  • HTML5, Qt 5.3, and Open GLES 2.0 graphics with touch-screen support
  • H.264 and MP4 video playback
  • Camera viewers
  • 802.11 wireless
  • Cellular modem technology including 3G, 4G and LTE

QNX custom software integrates all components together with the source files to enhance and customize the software demonstration programs to highlight the unique QNX operating system features. 

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Hardware Platforms

The QNX Evaluation Kits target the General Embedded Market and are offered on the following hardware platforms:

  • Intel Bay Trail NUC
  • Freescale I.MX6 Sabre Smart
  • Texas Instrument OMAP5432 EVM
  • Texas Instruments AM335 Beaglebone Black

The QNX Evaluation Kit is a proof-point vehicle aimed at accelerating the proof-of-concept (POC) and evaluation phases of development projects.

QNX Evaluation Kit - Home Screen

Evaluation platforms can be used to evaluate the following technologies;

  • HTML5 application development
  • QT 5.3 application development
  • Native Open GLES application development
  • Video playback
  • Audio playback
  • Camera Viewers
  • Browsers
  • Soft Keyboards
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Cellular modem connectivity

What's Included?

  • SD Card image with pre-integrated software
  • Documentation for booting, exploring, and customizing the image


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