How to Simplify Connected Medical Device Software Integration and Certification

Duration: 1 hour


Medical device manufacturers operate in a challenging environment, filled with stringent regulatory requirements and competitive pressures. With a rise in mainstream healthcare competitors from non-medical based companies and an uptake of touch-screen interface and wireless connectivity technology, device manufacturers must develop increasingly complex devices in timelines that are typical of consumer-grade electronics, but difficult to meet in a regulated industry.

This webinar will explore some of these challenges and offer insight for device developers on several ways for reducing these challenges of developing connected medical devices in short timeframes while significantly reducing the scope, cost, and timeframe necessary for achieving compliance to standards like IEC 62304.

Building life-critical medical devices that meet the demands of connectivity and intuitive graphics doesn't have to be as complicated, difficult, and time-consuming as it once was.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • Integrating middleware components and libraries, such as OpenCV for imaging, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for connectivity, Qt, Open GL for UI
  • Reducing scope, timeframe to compliance (to standards like IEC 62304), and costs
  • Gain an understanding of the challenges medical device manufacturers face in developing connected medical devices.
Estimated length:

1 hour, including Q & A.

Speaker biography:
Chris Ault - Senior Product Manager, QNX Software Systems
Yi Zheng



Chris Ault is the senior product manager responsible for QNX Software Systems' medical product portfolio, which includes the QNX OS for Medical. Before joining QNX, Chris was a senior product manager focused on virtualization technologies. He has held positions of increasing responsibility with hardware and software vendors, including Ciena, Nortel, Catena Networks, and Liquid Computing.

Chris holds degrees in computer science, electronics, and economics from Algonquin College and Carleton University. He is an avid electric guitar player and a skilled carpenter.



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