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5 Reasons to Consider an Alternative to Linux

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Why Choose QNX® for Your Medical Device Operating System

Get our FREE whitepaper, 5 Reasons to Consider an Alternative to Linux for Your Medical Device, to review the key components that your operating system (OS) of choice should address, such as:

  • Safety Certification
  • Code Traceability and Software of Unknown Provenance
  • Drivers and OS Functionality
  • Cost and Time to Market
  • Support and Licensing

Streamline Certification with a Pre-Certified RTOS

Your choice of operating system (OS) can have an oversized effect on your ability to safety-certify an embedded device. The safety-certification process is considerably more complex, expensive and time-consuming with an open source OS than with a pre-certified commercial OS.

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5 Reasons to Consider an Alternative to Linux for Your Medical Device

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QNX OS for Medical is pre-certified to IEC 62304 Class C certification, the highest class for applications where there’s a chance of death or serious injury. This real-time operating system (RTOS) has been proven in millions of the most demanding and mission-critical embedded devices.