QNX Extends Education Program to Include Intel Embedded Hardware Solutions

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, November 19, 2003 - - Universities in Europe and Asia will soon have access to advanced embedded solutions equipment, thanks to a new program introduced today by QNX Software Systems.

QNX worked with Intel Corporation to bring advanced hardware and software platforms to universities and technical colleges. Qualifying institutions will receive hardware platforms ranging from Ultra Low Voltage Intel® Celeron® processor-based systems to server-class Dual Processor Intel Pentium® III processor systems from Intel. These systems will be paired with the QNX® Momentics® development suite Professional Edition, which includes relevant board optimization tools to help students more quickly and easily conduct advanced embedded development studies.

"It's critical that today's graduates enter into the industry proficient with state-of-the-art tools and techniques," said Eric Johnson , manager of the QNX-in-Education program. "With technology from QNX and Intel, students will be able to experiment and familiarize themselves with the very same tools that our customers employ for cutting-edge design and development."

"Working with QNX, we have been able to provide a technically compelling embedded silicon and software platform to classrooms and labs that familiarizes students with leading-edge processor architecture and a highly advanced real-time operating system," said at Rose Schooler, marketing director for the Embedded Intel Architecture Division. "This experience on real-world embedded solutions will further prepare students for their post-college careers."

Platforms supporting this collaboration will be first launched in Asia and Europe, where the demand for embedded developers is rapidly increasing. QNX Software Systems will engage its distribution partners in those areas to provide regionalized assistance to universities where possible. The program was announced at the QNX Russia 2003 conference, sponsored by QNX distributor SWD Software.

To find out more about the QNX-in-Education program, visit: www.qnx.com/company/education/.

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