Lava Computer MFG Inc. Announces QNX Support for Serial 16550 Boards

Toronto, Ontario - January 31, 2003 - Lava Computer MFG Inc., a global designer and manufacturer of high-speed I/O boards and devices, today announced full support for users of Lava 16550 serial boards who are developing or implementing QNX Neutrino-based systems.

For those working in the QNX Neutrino real-time operating system environment, or those deploying a QNX-based product, Lava now provides an alternative to using expensive "specialist" PCI serial boards. Lava's full line of 16550 UART serial boards - both PCI and ISA - are tested with and documented for QNX Neutrino. The reliability of these boards, and the quality of Lava's technical support, perfectly match the needs of QNX Neutrino users.

QNX Neutrino sets the standard for developers who want a real-time fault-tolerant operating system. With its tiny memory footprint, scalability, and robust memory management, QNX Neutrino is a popular choice for developers of mission-critical systems/embedded systems for automotive, transportation, navigation, consumer electronics, medical devices, industrial automation and control, and other applications where reliability and low cost are essential.

"Users installing serial port boards can now combine the well-known reliability of Lava's serial boards, along with their Lifetime Warranty, with the robust QNX Neutrino operating system." said Bob Figol, Lava's VP of Business Development. "This is good news for designers who don't want the savings afforded by using QNX Neutrino to be swallowed up by a need to use over-priced serial expansion cards."

The Lava serial 16550 UART boards come in 1, 2, 4, and 8 port versions for the PCI bus, and in 1 and 2 port versions for the ISA bus.

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