Future Software Delivers Routing and Switching Software for QNX Developers

SAN JOSE, CA, April 8, 2002 - Future Software Limited, a leading provider of communications software products, today announced that Future Software's key IP routing and switching protocol stacks are now available for the QNX® realtime operating system (RTOS). Networking OEMs building the QNX RTOS into their products can, as a result, deploy a comprehensive range of reliable, cost-effective products based on pre-integrated stacks.

"In pre-integrating our key protocol stacks with QNX RTOS, we have provided our customers with off-the-shelf offerings that can have a significant impact on their overall time-to-market," said Ashish Basu, vice president, sales and marketing for Future Software.

"Building complex distributed systems for the IP, optical, and storage networking markets is complex and time-consuming. With Future Software's wide range of field-tested control and signaling software, our mutual customers can meet their market window, and profit from first-mover advantages," said Linda Campbell, vice president, strategic alliances at QNX Software Systems.

Future Software Limited, along with its US subsidiary, Future Communications Software, has a wide range of protocol stacks, which include OSPF, BGP, Multicast Routing (DVMRP and PIM), IPv6, NAT, Firewall, QoS, and MPLS. In addition, Future Software offers WAN access protocols like PPP, Frame Relay, and L2TP. All the stacks are based on FSAP - Future Software Architecture for Portability - which separates the core protocol stack from the system environment, thus making the stacks highly scalable and portable.

All the stacks from Future Software comply with the appropriate standards, provide control and data plane separation, and support distributed, fault-tolerant architectures. The stacks can be managed via SNMP, CLI, or any other management interface via support for a comprehensive set of parameters based on standard MIBs. The stacks are targeted towards communications equipment vendors in the internetworking, optical, and wireless space. In addition, the company provides porting and integration services for the protocol stacks on a turnkey basis.

The QNX RTOS provides a dynamically scalable, fault-tolerant environment for carrier-grade products used in metropolitan, core, and storage-area networks. To speed the development of network elements, QNX Software Systems offers the QNX Networking Infrastructure Platform, which includes the QNX RTOS, a high-availability toolkit, protocol stacks, SNMP agents, BSPs for a variety of networking reference platforms, support for symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), and more.

About Future Software Limited
Future Software Limited, an ISO 9001:2000 certified, SEI-CMM-Level 5 company, is a leading provider of communications software source code products and services to the global communications industry in areas like IP/Routing, Telecom, ATM and WAN-access. The company offers ready to port protocol source code products for these areas and augments them through porting, integration and consulting services. Future Communications Software (FCS), San Jose, CA, is the wholly owned subsidiary of Future Software Limited addressing the North American market. Future Communications Software Limited, London, its UK subsidiary, addresses the European market. For more information, please visit www.futsoft.com

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