QNX Introduces Multimedia Solution for Ultimate In-Car Digital Media Experience


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  • Innovative middleware delivers breakthrough in personalized digital entertainment.
  • Extends dashboard functionality by harnessing the intelligence of personal lifestyle devices.
  • Simplifies system design with customizable media player, configurable HMIs, automotive-grade databases, and flexible media synchronizers.
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    DETROIT, Convergence 2006 Automotive Electronics Conference, October 16 - QNX Software Systems ushered in a new era in the company’s history today with a new product that revolutionizes not only how automakers integrate multimedia solutions in the car, but how users experience their favorite music, movies, or other digital media while on the road.

    Building on its success as the operating system vendor of choice for in-car computing applications such as navigation, telematics, and infotainment, QNX announced its first middleware product that simplifies the design process and revolutionizes the user experience for in-car multimedia devices.

    The new QNX® Multimedia Solution combines a fully featured embeddable media player and supporting multimedia software that enables automakers and Tier One suppliers to build next-generation digital infotainment platforms. System designers can easily take advantage of the product’s intelligent connectivity, full customization, and automotive-grade control.

    The QNX Multimedia Solution includes all of the expected features of a digital media player, including both audio and video playback and audio record features. Moreover, it can extend the functionality of an in-dash stereo by harnessing the intelligence of iPods, PlaysForSure media players, and other connected devices.

    “From synchronized content to personalized user experiences and simultaneous multiple user options, each year consumers are expecting more out of the in-vehicle entertainment experience," said Veerender Kaul, research manager, Advanced Automotive Technologies at Frost & Sullivan. “As the needs of the consumer have become more complex, the automotive industry is searching for an integrated multimedia solution. With its new multimedia platform, QNX Software Systems is offering a complete solution, which builds on the strengths of its industry-leading QNX Neutrino® RTOS.”

    To personalize the user experience, the QNX Multimedia Solution can uniquely identify any CD, DVD, USB flash disk, or audio/video stream and automatically synchronize the content on that media source with a customizable, automotive-hardened database. This feature allows for driver personalization (“What was I listening to the last time I was driving?”) and lets users generate playlists that extend across multiple media sources.

    For added convenience, the QNX Multimedia Solution can support content recording in a variety of scenarios. For instance, content from one media source can be ripped to a car’s hard drive while users listen to content from another source. Moreover, users can simultaneously play and record content from the same media — they can even pause playback while the recording feature continues.

    Passenger and driver can’t agree on music? New QNX technology also supports multiple independent users, with multiple device types, and with multiple playback and record paths. For instance, front passengers can listen to music while rear-seat passengers watch a DVD — with everything managed by a single computing platform. The QNX Multimedia Solution also supports advanced features such as time-shifting (i.e. pausing live radio), trick play (fast forward), and multi-view content presentation (shared screen).

    For companies looking to quickly bring advanced digital media platforms to the automotive market, the suite of device drivers, encoders/decoders, databases, and configurable HMIs available in the QNX Multimedia Solution drastically reduces development cycles and time-consuming integration phases.

    “QNX has already established itself as the undisputed leader in operating system technology for in-car telematics and infotainment. Now, by taking the insight gained from helping customers create in-cab systems for over 180 vehicle models worldwide, we are introducing value-added middleware that tackles the phenomenal design challenges of automotive suppliers,” said Dan Dodge, CEO of QNX Software Systems. “QNX is moving up the stack, with middleware products that not only cut time-to-market, but offer unmatched design flexibility and unique user experiences.”

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