QNX Cuts Development Time with Optimized Support for OMAP35x Processors from Texas Instruments


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  • QNX introduces comprehensive RTOS, tools, and middleware support for OMAP35x processors to reduce integration efforts and design costs.

  • QNX support for TI’s codec multimedia framework, known as the DSP Link and Codec Engine, maximizes performance on systems that use the TMS320C64x+™ DSP on the OMAP3530 processor.

  • Developers can now download a QNX board support package for the TI OMAP35x EVM and for the BeagleBoard.org USB-powered computer.

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    OTTAWA, June 30, 2009 — QNX Software Systems today announced comprehensive software and tools support for automotive, industrial automation, and consumer device customers creating products based on TI OMAP35x processors.

    Designed for products that require rich HMI, multimedia, and audio capabilities, the support includes the QNX® Neutrino® Realtime Operating System (RTOS), the QNX Aviage® Multimedia Suite, the QNX Aviage HMI Suite, the QNX Aviage Acoustic Processing Suite, and the QNX CAR reference designs for automotive infotainment systems and digital clusters. By leveraging this comprehensive, off-the-shelf support for the OMAP3530 hardware and software platform from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), developers can reduce integration costs and cut time-to-market.

    Unlike other solutions, QNX Software Systems’ integrated product offering delivers extremely high reliability and realtime performance for embedded systems. The memory-protected microkernel architecture of the QNX Neutrino RTOS supports dynamic upgrades, predictable response times, and fine-grained fault containment and recovery. With the QNX Aviage Multimedia Suite and QNX Aviage Acoustic Processing Suite, developers of audio- and video-intensive applications can seamlessly utilize the high-performance TMS320C64x+™ DSP found on the OMAP3530.

    Performance acceleration of the 3D graphics library using the Imagination Technologies POWERVR™ 3D accelerator on the OMAP35x processor is also planned, with a pre-release scheduled for Q3 2009 and general availability scheduled for Q4. This will also accelerate graphical user interfaces based on the QNX Aviage HMI suite, which provides a complete framework for developing user interfaces with Adobe Flash Lite.

    “Customers are increasingly demanding tighter integration of hardware and software while maintaining the highest levels of system performance. With QNX software, OMAP35x developers have the confidence of a reliable foundation to build robust and sophisticated applications with less effort,” said Alejandro Erives, OMAP35x marketing manager, TI.

    BSPs now available on Foundry27 community portal
    QNX has introduced a board support package (BSP) for the OMAP35x evaluation module (EVM) and for the BeagleBoard.org open hardware platform, available through Digi-Key. Developers can download the BSP from the QNX community portal, www.foundry27.com.

    “As demand for applications with media-rich HMIs continues to grow, so does the need for turnkey reference platforms with tightly integrated software and hardware, such as the QNX CAR reference implementations that we have created for the OMAP3530,” said Kroy Zeviar, business alliance manager, QNX Software Systems. “We plan to further expand our support for OMAP35x designs with additional middleware ports and expanded reference platforms for the automotive, industrial automation, consumer, and medical markets.”

    About QNX Software Systems
    QNX Software Systems, a Harman International company (NYSE: HAR), is the industry leader in realtime, embedded OS technology. The component-based architectures of the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS, QNX Momentics® development suite, and QNX Aviage® middleware together provide the industry’s most reliable and scalable framework for building innovative, high-performance embedded systems. Global leaders such as Cisco, Daimler, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, and Siemens depend on QNX technology for network routers, medical instruments, vehicle telematics units, security and defense systems, industrial robotics, and other mission- or life-critical applications. Founded in 1980, QNX Software Systems is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and distributes products in over 100 countries worldwide.

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