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QNX SDK for Apps and Media

Create compelling applications and multimedia solutions

Product Brief

Develop embedded systems with rich user interfaces

The QNX® SDK for Apps and Media leverages open technologies for application development (HTML5, Qt, OpenGL ES) and allows device manufacturers to build compelling mobile-like interfaces with full multimedia capabilities, powered by secure, reliable, and field-proven QNX technologies.

Driven by the smartphone generation, embedded device manufacturers are being forced to build more compelling UIs. Building smartphone-like UIs requires many subsystems including multimedia, audio, video codecs and graphics subsystem that make it easy to control, render from multiple sources.

BlackBerry QNX provides a platform that brings the user experience of mobile devices to secure and reliable embedded systems.

A simplified approach to bringing apps and media to market, reliably and securely

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Fast time-to-market

Using HTML5 or Qt to design the system’s user interface can dramatically reduce development efforts, especially when compared to designing with traditional embedded UI toolkits.

With the QNX SDK for Apps and Media, developers have a common tool set to build, style, and animate applications for embedded devices. Pre-integrated software with support for HTML5 and Qt 5.3 will move you to the prototyping phase of your next project, fast.

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Simplified system design

The application framework and platform services allow development teams to seamlessly combine multiple UI technologies onto a common UI. The QNX SDK for Apps and Media includes a fully ported, integrated, and optimized version of Qt that enables development teams to "Code Less. Create More".

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Reliability and Security

The QNX SDK for Apps and Media provides a partitioned user interface and sandbox for ultimate reliability. Developers can seamlessly blend HTML5, OpenGL ES, and Qt applications with one of several supported partner HMI toolkits. With this approach, applications can be isolated from each other to ensure incorrect behavior of one application can’t affect other applications or bring down the system.


The main features of the QNX SDK for Apps and Media include:

  • Pre-Integrated Qt application and UI framework
  • Industry-leading HTML5 browser support
  • Rich user interface enablement
  • Complete multimedia support
  • Mobile device connectivity
  • Application management and platform service framework

Qt - Fully ported, integrated, and optimized for QNX

Qt implementation with QNX leverages optimizations derived from integration with QNX OpenGL ES 2.0 library and graphic drivers to deliver best in class performance.  You can mix and match Qt applications with other HMI technologies using the QNX composition manager architecture.  Your applications can leverage a well-defined and optimized Qt <-> OS services layer through PPS (Persistent Publish Subscribe).

Access ongoing support services:

Best-in-class support for HTML5

The QNX HTML5 engine provides support for the HTML5 standard, and related standards and technologies such as CSS3, the JavaScript scripting language, plus associated standards, such as AJAX, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), and XML. It also supports HTML5-specific features such as WebSocket, WebGL, session storage, offline applications, worker threads, DOM improvements, and the <canvas>, <audio>, and <video> elements.

HTML5 applications can support a variety of user interface technologies, including interactive displays, audio, and video. With HTML5, developers can use a common tool set to build applications for QNX-based embedded devices, mobile devices, or applications to be hosted in the cloud.

Superior browser support

BlackBerry QNX has optimized its full-featured web browser by adding numerous capabilities:

  • A platform abstraction layer
  • Optimized GPU acceleration
  • Image and page caching
  • Multi-modal event handling for touch, mouse, keyboard, and gesture
  • History, bookmarks, and page navigation
  • User configuration and settings
  • Pre-integrated multimedia and plug-in support
  • Download management
  • Pixel-accurate zooming
  • Physics-based scrolling and panning
  • Networking and URL management

Platform services

The QNX SDK for Apps and Media includes the following platform services:

  • Start-up Control provides a set of utilities and configuration files that manage complex boot sequences of these devices by modelling application and underlying process dependencies via directed acyclic graph. This method can produce an optimized start-up workflow by respecting these underlying dependencies.
  • The network manager provides network configuration controls via a set of processes and utilities that allow applications to configure and select one or more Ethernet connections via hardwired, wireless, or cellular connections.
  • The audio manager routes audio streams to output devices and manages the behaviour of concurrent audio streams.
  • The camera service provides video stream access for the camera connected to your target. The service supports a USB camera or a camera connected directly to the board, depending on your board configuration.
  • The keyboard service enables manual input with both the HMI-supplied keyboard to display and manage the on-screen keyboard, and with a physical keyboard.

Multimedia support

The QNX SDK for Apps and Media allows device manufacturers to rapidly integrate the latest multimedia capabilities customers want without worrying about the details of media access and management. It includes the following features:

  • Sophisticated multimedia rendering engine with configurable behavior
  • Complete HMI and system-level interfaces to support multiple and simultaneous use of media inputs and audio/video outputs
  • Media synchronizers and databases to ensure data availability
  • Session management and persistence
  • Software- and hardware-assisted decoding and encoding
  • Metadata synchronization
  • Playlist management


Product brief: QNX SDK for Apps and Media