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QNX OS for Medical

Deterministic real-time operating system for medical devices

Product Brief

IEC 62304 Compliant Software Designed to Reduce the Effort of Building Safety-critical Medical Devices

The complexity of medical devices continues to increase at an astounding rate. From high-precision robotic surgery to 3D printing of artificial organs, the possibilities seem limitless. As a trusted operating system provider for medical devices, BlackBerry QNX has had a front row seat at this amazing evolution in medical device technology.

The QNX OS for Medical 2.0 is a reliable, multi-core, real-time operating system (RTOS) that is POSIX compliant for building safety-critical embedded systems for the medical market, supported by field-proven development tools, feature-rich middleware, and professional services.

A Purpose-built Solution for Building Safety-compliant Medical Devices

Safety Standards Compliance

QNX OS for Medical is assessed by TÜV Rheinland to be suitable for use in applications requiring IEC 62304 compliance up to Class C. By supporting the needs of medical device manufacturers, BlackBerry QNX helps reduce program cost and risk, and shortens the time-to-market for medical device developers.

Tailor-made for Medical Device Applications

QNX OS for Medical helps manufacturers meet the challenge in building medical devices with safety, security, compliance and connectivity requirement. In addition to the IEC 62304 pre-assessed microkernel core, the QNX operating systems also provides:

  • Security features and mechanisms that help device manufacturers build the complete chain of trust
  • Comprehensive OS Services including networking, filesystems and I/O support that enable the design of systems and applications
  • A graphics framework based on OpenGL that enables developers to build rich, compelling user interfaces
  • A variety of connectivity technology such as USB and Bluetooth that is frequently required by medical devices

POSIX-compliant OS

QNX OS for Medical is based on the QNX Neutrino RTOS, a POSIX-compliant operating system. This greatly simplifies the migration from a Linux-based prototype to a production system. The Linux-API compatibility resulting from POSIX compliance can increase code re-use and eliminate the learning curve that often accompanies the adoption of a commercial RTOS.


To complement QNX OS for Medical, QNX Professional Services provide cost-effective assistance and expertise to medical device manufacturers for developing highly reliable embedded software and meeting regulatory agency requirements. 


Product Brief: QNX OS for Medical

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