Military-grade security and reliability in mission-critical government and military systems where information is vital and lives can be at stake, downtime is not an option. 

The need for a highly reliable, secure, and fast operating system is crucial. It is these systems that require the highest level of confidence and fault tolerance that comes from a proven technology, battle-hardened in over 30 years of field deployment.

Thanks to the true microkernel architecture of the QNX Neutrino® RTOS, full memory protection is built in. Any component can fail and be dynamically restarted without corrupting the microkernel or other components. If a failure does occur, a QNX-based system has the capability for self-healing through critical process monitoring and customizable recovery mechanisms.

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Defense companies use QNX technology for various defense and security products including:

  • Unmanned aircraft control systems
  • Acoustic sensors for tracking tank movements
  • JTRS wireless military radios
  • High-capacity data radios
  • Autonomous underwater vehicles
  • Guidance systems for anti-tank weapons
  • Embedded controllers for aerospace applications
  •  Wearable GPS/communication systems for ground troops
  • Transponder landing systems
  • Military weather satellite test beds
  • Type -1 HF radios
  •  Earth observation and exploration satellites
  • Mission critical communications
  • Command and control sensors


Defense and security applications and platforms face challenges unlike any other. In an environment where lives are often at stake, it is not only imperative that the system perform reliably but also that it be resilient to extreme conditions and persistent, malicious attacks by foreign entities. The applications and systems must be able to detect, contain, and repair themselves in the event of such attacks.


Safety, security, and reliability. These values lie at the very core of QNX technology. They also form the foundation for certifications that are crucial to many mission-critical systems. QNX Software Systems understands the importance of these certifications to the security and defense market. As such, numerous QNX technologies have been certified to important industry standards.


QNX Professional Services has deep expertise and proven best practices in the security and defense industry. In fact, we offer engineering services specifically designed to help customers get to market faster, keep development costs down, and lower their risk in obtaining safety-critical certifications. We also offer a comprehensive range of services to maximize the reliability of your product.


Organizations such as the US Army, NASA, BAE Systems, Harris, Lockheed Martin, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, and Boeing have engaged with QNX Software Systems on a wide range of projects that share the same demanding requirements. 


QNX Software Systems provides the most reliable and scalable RTOS, industry-leading multi-core processor support, a high availability framework, and a comprehensive Eclipse-based tool chain to ensure the security of application software systems in mission-critical environments.