Programming Research and QNX Software Systems Join Forces to Promote Industry-Standard Framework for C/C++ Development

Boston - Nov. 19, 2002 - Programming Research Group, the world's leading developer of software source code analysis technologies and global provider of solutions that enforce coding standards to ensure software quality while improving developer productivity, today announced that the company's world-class static analysis tools now support QNX® Momentics®, the Eclipse-based development suite from QNX Software Systems. With this integration, Programming Research has also committed to bring its expertise in static analysis testing and parsing tools to aid the C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) Project led by QNX Software Systems.

C/C++ embedded developers building applications on QNX Momentics can now harness the speed and accuracy of Programming Research's QA·C™ static code analyzer to efficiently test multiple layers of dense source code and identify potentially damaging, costly or life-threatening coding errors in business- and safety-critical applications. The automotive, medical device, network communications and defense industries will be among the first to benefit from this new offering.

With more than 15 years of experience in delivering superior tools for assessing software quality and enforcing coding standard compliance, Programming Research will take the lead in defining how parsing tools will integrate with the Eclipse CDT framework. The company will work closely with QNX Software Systems and other tools partners to enhance the C/C++ integrated development environment (IDE) and ultimately make C/C++ support in Eclipse as strong as it is in Java today.

"The combination of our static analysis tools with QNX Software System's highly reliable standards-based development suite make a powerful solution that delivers superior software quality and integrity for the most reliable applications," said Robert Buckley, CEO of Programming Research Inc., the Americas' subsidiary of Programming Research Group based in Dublin. "We are pleased that our work with QNX Software Systems has now enabled us to take a front role in the Eclipse CDT Project, which will have a huge impact on the next wave of open computing."

"Programming Research brings a wealth of parsing experience and knowledge that will enhance both QNX Momentics and the Eclipse CDT Project," said Sebastien Marineau, senior architect, QNX Software Systems. "We look forward to working with Programming Research and leveraging their expertise to deliver a standard, open source C/C++ IDE framework that will encourage tool integration across vendors."

This latest initiative comes on the heels of Programming Research's recent entry into the Sustainable Computing Consortium as a founding member, reinforcing Programming Research's leadership role in working with top organizations, companies and developers to promote the improvement of software quality and integrity.

For more information on Ireland-based Programming Research Group's new Boston office and on Robert Buckley's recent appointment as CEO of the Americas, see additional press release: Programming Research Announces New Boston Presence as Growth in America's Accelerates; Appoints CEO of the Americas.

The Programming Research Group, founded in 1986, is the world's leading developer of software source code analysis technologies and a global provider of solutions that enforce coding standards to ensure software quality while improving developer productivity. The company's best-of-breed solutions enable developers in safety- and business-critical environments to identify and prevent software errors early in the development process - resulting in dramatically improved product quality and safety, lower manufacturing costs, reduced risk, and faster time-to-market. World-class customers include Abiomed, BAE Systems, Ford Motor Company, Nortel Networks and Philips, and span industries including automotive, medical device, defense and telecommunications. Programming Research's products and services are designed for use in C, C++, Java and FORTRAN development environments. A privately funded Irish corporation, Programming Research has corporate offices in Dublin, London and Boston. For more information, visit

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