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QNX Sound

Meet the software-defined audio platform that consolidates all automotive audio and acoustics functionalities into a single production-tested software platform, pre-integrated in next-generation Systems on Chip (SoCs) with QNX® Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) and QNX® Hypervisor.

The Complete Digital Audio Platform for Software-Defined Vehicles

QNX® Sound is a holistic software environment that manages the entire vehicle soundscape—including hundreds of interactions between hands-free calling, multi-zone wake-up word and command, in-car communications, safety alerts, noise reduction, sound generation, and media playback—accessible from a cloud-enabled tool suite with a graphical programming interface for endless signal processing creativity. 
Enhanced by Leading Automotive Audio Suppliers

Enhanced by Leading Automotive Audio Suppliers

QNX Sound includes an extension mechanism for audio software developers and signal processing suppliers to seamlessly integrate their solutions into vehicles, allowing them to consolidate and manage the next generation of audio experiences.

Watch as we discuss the trends revolutionizing automotive acoustics with experts from Dirac in this webinar.

Cloud-Enabled for Faster Collaboration and Time-to-Market

QNX Sound runs on a QNX® OS instance in the AWS cloud, allowing remote collaboration between teams working on the same project and several test configurations to be executed in parallel, increasing development efficiencies, and reducing time-to-market, particularly in hardware-scarcity situations. 

Discover how QNX Sound features such as noise reduction can be leveraged without being connected to a physical target.

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