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BlackBerry QNX Partners

Partner Database

Thanks to the support and cooperation of its partners and distributers, BlackBerry QNX has become a global leader in realtime OS solutions. We are proud to showcase the relationships and profiles of these world-class companies that have helped make BlackBerry QNX what it is today.

Channel Partner Program

The Channel Partner Program is a worldwide network of Value Added Integrators and Distributors & Reseller experts trained on BlackBerry QNX technologies. The Channel Partner program allows partners to deliver integration services and build upon BlackBerry’s embedded technologies to design and develop secure, mission-critical solutions – ultimately accelerating product time to market.

Channel partners will provide support for BlackBerry QNX technologies and services for applications that include automotive systems, medical surgical robots, smart grids, train control systems and industrial automation.

To inquire about becoming a Channel Partner, please contact us

Our Partners