QNX to Support Linux-hosted Development on QNX Momentics Tools Suite

EclipseCon (Anaheim, Calif.), February 2, 2004 - - QNX Software Systems today announced it is adding support for Linux development hosts to the QNX® Momentics® embedded development suite. Developers can now host the QNX Momentics suite on any of the most popular development environments, including Windows, Solaris, self-hosted QNX Neutrino®, and Linux.

The Linux host option supports QNX Momentics tool functionality for building and developing QNX Neutrino RTOS systems - from embedded flash and boot image creation, to C/C++/Java development, to runtime analysis and debugging. Since both Linux and QNX Neutrino support POSIX APIs, support for Linux-hosted development means that developers can prototype and test much of their QNX Neutrino application code right on their development hosts, even before the target hardware is ready.

The QNX Momentics development suite, powered by Eclipse technology, includes a full-featured IDE, language-specific code editors, a source debugger, several unique enhancements for performing memory analysis, system building, and application profiling, as well as support for ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SH-4, StrongARM, XScale, and x86 targets. Unlike other Eclipse-based offerings that run on Linux hosts, QNX Momentics provides this full range of tools specifically designed to build, diagnose, and optimize embedded systems.

"Many embedded system OEMs, particularly those in the telecom segment, are migrating to more cost-effective development hosts, so adding host support for Linux was a natural evolution for QNX Momentics," said Thomas Fletcher, tools development manager at QNX Software Systems. "Now, customers who harness the hard realtime characteristics and unparalleled performance of the QNX Neutrino RTOS for their target system can also take advantage of our highly integrated tool suite, all within their familiar Linux desktop."

The Linux-hosted development option for QNX Momentics will be available at no additional charge for current QNX Momentics customers as part of their maintenance contracts. The next release of QNX Momentics is expected in second quarter of 2004.

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