(How Not to) Twist and Shout

Duration: 1 hour


In-Car Communications technology enables safer conversations on the highway and points the way to integrated automotive acoustics.

Travelling at high speed a car can create a noisy environment, making it hard to have a comfortable conversation with other occupants, especially between front and back seats.  So, if the voice of the driver could be picked up by a microphone, amplified, and relayed to speakers in the back the dangerous need for the driver to twist around to shout to be heard would be eliminated.

In cars featuring a hands free telephony system the existing microphone can be employed, which is the main principle behind In-Car Communications (ICC) technology.  However, there are many implementation challenges and pitfalls that can confront those without the right signal processing software. 

In this webinar, we will examine this valuable new feature and the steps for successful implementation via a fresh and innovative approach to audio signal processing in cars.

Estimated length:

1 hour, including Q & A.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

·         In-Car Communications:  How a properly designed and implemented ICC system can enhance the driving experience and provide valuable new features without adding hardware.

·         Challenges: Managing the interplay between multiple acoustic technologies running concurrently in the vehicle cabin.

·         Cost Savings:  How innovative audio signal processing architectures for general purpose application processors can drive cost savings via hardware consolidation.

Speaker biography
Len Layton, Global Business Development Manager, Acoustics, QNX Software Systems
Len Layton

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Len Layton has over 25 years of experience in acoustics technology and is currently responsible for leading global business development for the BlackBerry Technology Solutions / QNX acoustics product line. In the 1990s and early 2000s, Len was CEO of Lake Technology Limited in Australia, which developed virtual surround sound technology licensed and acquired by Dolby Laboratories. At Dolby, Len established the company’s global account management team working with Dolby licensees throughout the world, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Len subsequently worked with semiconductor companies in the US and Asia and has co-founded two Canadian startups in consumer audio and telecommunications.

Len obtained his degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, and is a passionate cricket player and administrator and president of the Meraloma Cricket Club. Len enjoys music, building technology things, and spending time with his family and backyard chickens. Len has been married to screenwriter and novelist Gabrielle S. Prendergast for 17 years and is the proud father of TV actress Lucy Layton, 12. 

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