QNX Aviage HMI Suite 2.0 Brings Power of Adobe Flash to Embedded User Interfaces


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  • New release combines the dynamic graphics of Adobe Flash Lite 3.1.7 with the reliability of the QNX Neutrino RTOS

  • Suite allows embedded developers to deploy entire HMIs in Adobe Flash.

  • New features include faster performance, enhanced graphics composition capabilities, and an HMI library for efficient creation and optimization of Flash HMIs.

  • QNX will demonstrate the suite this week at ESC Silicon Valley, booth #936.

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    Embedded Systems Conference, Booth #936, San Jose, CALIF., April 1, 2009 — QNX Software Systems today announced the latest version of its high-performance middleware for embedded user interfaces, the QNX® Aviage® HMI Suite 2.0. The suite offers embedded developers a complete framework for user interface development that combines the rich graphics of Adobe Flash Lite with the reliability and performance of the QNX Neutrino® RTOS.

    The QNX Aviage HMI Suite 2.0 allows embedded developers to implement entire user interfaces in Adobe Flash, thereby eliminating the lengthy process of coding HMIs with graphical APIs or cumbersome toolkits. As a result, developers can build dynamic, user-friendly HMIs for car infotainment units, industrial automation systems, medical devices, and other embedded systems in significantly less time. The suite also serves as a key component of QNX CAR, an innovative program that helps automotive electronics suppliers accelerate product prototyping and reduce engineering costs.

    The QNX Aviage HMI Suite 2.0 includes support for Adobe Flash Lite 3.1.7 and ActionScript 2.0. Other new capabilities include:

    • Enhanced performance — The suite now supports OpenVG hardware rendering on select graphics controllers and provides extensions to accelerate common Flash transitions, including offscreen rendering, bit blitting, and scroll list management.
    • QNX Aviage HMI Library — This powerful, easy-to-use collection of core ActionScript classes can load and define Flash modules on startup for the creation of more effective HMIs. The library also provides an efficient interface between the ActionScript Flash HMI and underlying native code, allowing the HMI to support realtime requirements.
    • Graphics composition capabilities — An OpenKode-compliant composition manager now provided with the QNX Neutrino RTOS allows developers to merge the output of multiple windows and processes on a single display, even with graphics controllers that don’t support layering.

    The QNX Aviage HMI Suite 2.0 allows Adobe Flash applications to seamlessly share the screen with other 2D or 3D graphics applications, including web browsers and 3D applications based on the OpenGL ES API. The suite also runs on the QNX Photon® microGUI® windowing system, providing a customizable foundation for embedded HMIs that require a full-featured windowing environment.

    The QNX Aviage HMI Suite 2.0 runs on a wide range of embedded platforms, including ARM11, SH-4, x86, and Power architectures.

    “QNX is at the forefront of bringing the benefits of Flash technology to the embedded market,” said Andy Gryc, senior product marketing manager at QNX Software Systems. “The new features in the QNX Aviage HMI Suite 2.0 allow developers to create layered graphical interfaces that can be manipulated by the end user to display a variety of information using video and Flash content. These capabilities make the suite a key component of the QNX CAR program, which provides automotive OEMs and tier one suppliers with preintegrated technologies for rapid prototyping and production.”

    Demo at ESC Silicon Valley: Booth #936
    This week, at ESC Silicon Valley, QNX Software Systems is showcasing the capabilities of the QNX Aviage HMI Suite 2.0 in two automotive demos: a digital instrument cluster and a multi-node infotainment system. Visit booth #936.

    The QNX Aviage HMI Suite 2.0 will be available in April 2009.

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