Ecosystem now enhanced with ISO 26262-compliant Desktop Static Code Analysis toolset

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BURLINGTON, MA and OTTAWA, ON – December 11, 2013 – Klocwork® Inc., a global leader in software development tools for creating secure code, and QNX Software Systems Limited, a global leader in software platforms for in-car electronics, today announced that Klocwork has joined the ecosystem for the QNX® Automotive Safety Program for ISO 26262.

The ecosystem is a network of vendors that offer complementary hardware, tool chains, graphics technologies and consulting services for safety critical systems. Klocwork joins these key industry players to further enable the development of safe and secure automotive systems that comply with ISO 26262 and other critical industry standards.

Klocwork Insight™ is rapidly becoming a tool of choice for software developers in the automotive market. With advanced code analysis, including deep data flow and structural analysis, Insight works right at their desktop as they write their code. With support for MISRA C and C++ coding standards, Insight recently received both ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 certifications.

Now, with Klocwork Insight plugged directly into the QNX® Momentics® Tool Suite, developers can run analysis directly in the suite's IDE, allowing them to find and fix security and safety vulnerabilities on the fly, and helping to ensure that the code meets functional safety standards.

“Application security and functional safety requirements in the automotive world continue to grow as the degree of automation in vehicles increases. More intelligent vehicles mean more software in those vehicles. The number of suppliers to the auto manufacturers will continue to grow as the demand for more consumer convenience grows. By joining forces with the QNX automotive safety ecosystem, Klocwork continues to lead the way in providing customers with the software tools and the standards support they need to produce compelling new applications with the confidence that they are protected and dependable,” said Gwyn Fisher, Klocwork Chief Technology Officer.

The QNX Automotive Safety Program for ISO 26262 was created to help companies building digital instrument clusters, ADAS systems, and other functional safety products to leverage QNX Software Systems’ proven competency in certifications, safety-critical systems, and automotive software design. Key elements of the program include an example safety case based on the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS Safe Kernel, guidelines on safety-critical design for real-time OS-based systems, and a suite of professional services, including priority support and training.

"Klocwork Insight brings immense value to the QNX Automotive Safety Program for ISO 26262. It provides real-time feedback during code development, immediately alerting developers to code that may conflict with the MISRA coding standards required by ISO 26262," said Grant Courville, Director of Product Management, QNX Software Systems. "Better yet, Klocwork Insight plugs into our QNX Momentics Tool Suite to provide a seamless and productive development experience."

About Klocwork

In the world of AppSec, developers and the firms that employ them demand tools that provide a competitive edge. Klocwork meets these demands with compelling desktop tools that enable developers to produce secure, reliable software more easily and quickly. Klocwork’s unique Static Code Analysis tool provides accurate, reliable analysis as developers write their code, identifying potential security vulnerabilities and reliability issues before they are submitted to the software build. Additional desktop tools simplify code review, refactoring and architectural analysis. Over 1,100 customers, including the biggest brands in the automotive, consumer electronics, gaming, medical technologies, military and aerospace, mobile device and telecom sectors rely on these tools everyday to make their software more secure and reliable. Creating applications they are proud of. Find out more at www.klocwork.com.

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