The QNX Neutrino® Realtime Operating System (RTOS) is a full-featured and robust RTOS designed to enable the next-generation of products for automotive, medical, transportation, military and industrial embedded systems. Microkernel design and modular architecture enable customers to create highly optimized and reliable systems with low total cost of ownership. With the QNX Neutrino® RTOS, embedded systems designers can create compelling, safe, and secure devices built on a highly reliable RTOS software serving as the foundation that helps guard against system malfunctions, malware, and cyber security breaches.

  • High reliability with low risk
  • Advanced security mechanisms
  • Scalable and Standards Conforming
  • CPU accelerated graphics support
  • Extensive board support packages

Product in Action


  • High reliability with low risk
  • Advanced security mechanisms
  • Self-healing systems
  • Scalable, standards-conforming
  • Guaranteed system resources
  • Extensive hardware optimized board support
  • Advanced graphics subsystem with full GPU acceleration
  • Efficient product development

The QNX Neutrino RTOS offers built-in mission critical reliability, safety, and security. The QNX Neutrino RTOS provides a common software platform that can be deployed for safety certified and non-certified projects across a broad range of hardware platforms supporting a wide array of boards based on ARMv7, ARMv8, and x86 architectures.


The QNX Neutrino is a full-featured and robust OS with a number of unique technological features that set it apart from all other competitive products.