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QNX Board Support Packages

QNX Board Support Packages (BSPs) provide an abstraction layer of hardware-specific software that facilitates implementing the QNX Neutrino RTOS on your board. BSPs are architecture-specific, board-specific, and may even be board revision-specific. They look after initializations and other architecture- and hardware-specific tasks needed to prepare an environment in which your system can run.

BSPs also serve as a delivery mechanism for the components that define startup behaviors, typically:

  • a hardware-specific Initial Program Loader (IPL)
  • startup code
  • utilities, such as a real-time clock and a hardware watchdog, that include some hardware-specific code or configuration
  • device drivers, such as drivers for a serial port, Ethernet, PCI server, SPI NOR, SATA, USB, etc.

QNX BSPs provide the source code for most of these components. You can use this code as a model if you need to write your own device drivers or make changes to the IPL or startup code.

QNX Standard Support is available for a BSP that is listed below as available on QNX Software Center. For other BSPs, alternative support may be available from the supplier indicated in the “Get the BSP” column.

QNX BSP Library

Our extensive BSP Library includes BSPs for SoCs manufactured by all leading hardware manufacturers, including AMD, Intel, iWave, NVIDIA, NXP, Qualcomm, Renesas, Samsung, Texas Instruments and Xilinx. In addition, the QNX Neutrino RTOS supports applications using a wide range of ARM® and x86 GPUs, including ARM Mali, Imagination PowerVR, Intel HD, NVIDIA CUDA, Qualcomm Adreno and VeriSilicon Vivante.

We are continuously adding new BSPs to our library and developing custom BSPs requested by our customers. If you need a BSP currently not featured in our BSP Library, please contact us.



Silicon Vendor

Board Vendor

Board Name



BSP Supplier

QNX SDP Release

Get the BSP

If you need a BSP for a previous version of QNX SDP? Please see Foundry27, our community portal.

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