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About BlackBerry QNX

Trusted in embedded systems everywhere.

Who We Are

BlackBerry® QNX® is a trusted supplier of commercial operating systems, hypervisors, development tools, support and services, all purpose-built for the world’s most critical embedded systems. BlackBerry QNX helps customers streamline their development efforts to more efficiently launch safe, secure and reliable systems. Our technology is trusted in more than 235 million vehicles and is deployed in embedded systems around the world across a range of industries including aerospace and defense, automotive, commercial vehicles, heavy machinery, industrial controls, medical, rail and robotics. Founded in 1980, BlackBerry QNX is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada and was acquired by BlackBerry in 2010.

What We Do

Let us help you build better embedded systems with:


Embedded developers across a range of industries rely on our foundation products including our deterministic microkernel real-time operating system (RTOS), software development platform, and hypervisor. Our safety-certified products can accelerate certification efforts. And our security solutions including our over-the-air solution for secure software updates and a unique binary code analysis solution can help you build more secure systems. We also offer middleware solutions like sensor frameworks and acoustic management to boost your development efforts.


Our support packages give you access to advice from our team of experienced BlackBerry QNX kernel developers, engineers, and architects. Our best-in-class product documentation is complemented by our knowledge base to ensure you get the answers you need. QNX Board Support Packages are available for a wide range of Arm® and x86 processors. And our commercial product lifecycle provides the updates you need to keep your team focused on innovation and feature development, not OS maintenance.

Professional Services

Whether you need to augment your team, kickstart a project, strengthen cybersecurity or safety certify your products, you can rely on our experts to provide the knowledge and experience you need, when you need it. Our professional services are delivered by experts in embedded system security and safety, and include security assessments and functional safety consulting. We provide training and workshops on a range of embedded development topics to build your team’s skills.

Where We Help

BlackBerry QNX is trusted in embedded systems across a broad range of industries.


Our ISO 26262 ASIL D pre-certified QNX OS for Safety helps you accelerate certification efforts. And our middleware solutions including ADAS and acoustic management solutions help ensure you meet your start of production date.

Medical Devices

Our QNX OS for Safety is certified to IEC 62304 Class C to simplify certification efforts. We provide POSIX-compliant development tools to make your move from prototype to production of your medical devices faster and easier.

Commercial Vehicles

We support the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform with a broad range of safety-certified and secure embedded software solutions.

Heavy Machinery

Pre-certified to IEC 61508 and ISO 26262, our QNX OS for Safety can enable your smart agriculture, construction, forestry, mining, and other equipment to run safely for decades.  


Designing complex yet reliable robotics systems can be challenging. Our microkernel RTOS provides the responsiveness and reliability you need, while the QNX Hypervisor makes it easy to consolidate multiple OSs on a single SoC for increased flexibility and lower hardware costs.


Rail OEMs and integrators trust our solutions in automation and train control systems, locomotives, rail infrastructure, and HVAC systems. We help you meet complex regulatory requirements, including IEC 61508 SIL 3.

Industrial Controls

Developers of critical control systems for industries like hydroelectric, nuclear power and petroleum rely on our solutions to address security and safety issues that come with Industrial IoT (IIoT).

Aerospace and Defense

Embedded developers of command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems rely on our RTOS for building reliable defense and aerospace systems.