Report an Issue

We value the work security researchers do and encourage you to contact us if you discover issues with BlackBerry QNX products. We investigate and respond to all credible reports.

Advisories and Updates

Visit the BlackBerry Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) page to read security advisories regarding important updates to BlackBerry products, to subscribe to BlackBerry security notices or to search the BlackBerry security knowledge base.

Report an Issue

If you suspect you have discovered a security vulnerability in a BlackBerry QNX product, we would like to hear from you.

As BlackBerry QNX is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Product Security Incident Response Team (BBPSIRT) deals with BlackBerry QNX security issues. The BBPSIRT is responsible for managing all aspects of receiving reports on security vulnerabilities in BlackBerry and its subsidiaries’ products.

Read our reporting guidelines and fill out your issue report here.


However, if would like to communicate directly with BlackBerry QNX on any other security-related topics specific to its products, please contact the BlackBerry QNX Security team ( or your Technical Account Manager. Sensitive information should be encrypted using the BlackBerry QNX Security team PGP Key.