QNX CAR Application Platform Honored as Finalist for Adobe MAX Award


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  • QNX CAR application platform recognized for groundbreaking use of Adobe Flash technology.

  • QNX CAR transforms the driving experience by bringing dynamic Flash-based applications, content, movies, and user interfaces to the automobile.

  • Voting now open to the public at http://max.adobe.com/awards/finalists/.

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    OTTAWA, September 28, 2009 — QNX Software Systems today announced that its QNX® CAR application platform has been shortlisted for a prestigious Adobe MAX award, in the mobile category.

    Each year, the Adobe MAX Awards recognize the best uses of Adobe software for creating engaging user experiences. This year, the QNX CAR application platform has been recognized for transforming the driving experience through its innovative use of Adobe Flash technology.

    “Imagine a dashboard that reconfigures itself for each driver, or a car infotainment system that tells you where your friends are, or that points you to the nearest gas station when it notices you are running low on fuel — that’s the kind of user experience the QNX CAR application platform is making possible,” said Andy Gryc, product marketing manager, QNX Software Systems.

    “By bringing the power of Adobe Flash into the automobile, QNX CAR is breaking ground on several fronts — it dramatically improves the user experience for drivers and passengers, it slashes user-interface development time for automakers and automotive suppliers, and it opens a whole new market for developers of Flash applications, games, and content,” said Linda Campbell, director of strategic alliances at QNX Software Systems.

    Also at this week’s Adobe MAX conference, QNX Software Systems will exhibit a Toyota Prius outfitted with four infotainment systems based on the QNX CAR platform. The systems will showcase numerous applications, including Internet radio, video on demand, games, dynamic navigation, location-based services, climate control, and an innovative virtual mechanic.

    Launched in February 2009, the QNX CAR application platform is already being designed into next-generation vehicles and has attracted more than 50 technology partners and automotive customers.

    To accelerate the development of in-car computing systems, the QNX CAR provides pre-assembled reference implementations for infotainment units and digital instrument clusters; it also preintegrates numerous applications, including Internet radio, navigation services, and climate controls. QNX CAR is the first automotive-grade platform that allows car makers to deploy Flash-based user interfaces in head units, digital instrument clusters, rear-seat infotainment systems, and other in-car products.

    QNX CAR participants include Adobe, Apple, Cisco, Daimler, Delphi, Freescale, GM, Google, Gracenote, IBM, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Panasonic, and Volkswagen.

    Adobe MAX award winners are determined by public voting. Voting is open to everyone at http://max.adobe.com/awards/finalists/ now through October 6, 2009. Simply scroll down to the QNX CAR Application Platform entry, which is in the mobile category. There is no limit to voting.

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