QNX Hypervisor is a Type 1 realtime priority-based microkernel hypervisor built for managing virtual machines. The QNX® Hypervisor makes it easier to obtain and maintain safety certifications by separating safety-critical components from non-safety critical components in separate guest operating systems. The QNX Hypervisor boasts the ability to meet the precision requirement of an embedded zero-downtime production system.

Standards-based guest communication (virtIO) and flexible virtual machine configuration ensure that the hypervisor environment can be scaled up to large server-class designs (as required in automated drive and high-end computing systems). Additionally, the hypervisor environment can be scaled down into deeply embedded systems (cluster + infotainment automotive systems, ECU consolidation, medical devices, industrial control). The QNX Hypervisor is implemented as virtualization extensions to the industry-proven QNX Neutrino microkernel-based RTOS; inheriting all the realtime and stability of the QNX operating system that already ships in millions of embedded systems worldwide.

  • Type 1 Hypervisor
  • Safety certification pedigree
  • Virtual CPU model
  • Pin to cores or share cores based on priority
  • Adaptive partitioning - Allows for CPU guarantees of guest runtime
  • 64-bit and 32-bit guests: QNX, Linux, Android, RTOS
  • Shared memory with triggering
  • VirtIO (0.95/1.0) device sharing
  • TAP and peer-to-peer networking with bridging
  • Failure detection and restart of guests
  • Virtual watchdog for guest integrity checking
  • Low overhead (typical < 2%)
  • Graphical tools for analysis and debug
  • Spatial separation and isolation
  • Temporal separation and isolation
  • Networking separation and isolation
  • Device isolation and simplified device sharing
  • Inter-VM communications using industry-standard protocols
  • Preservation of application and OS safety certifications
Infographic: What you need to know about QNX Hypervisor

Product in Action


  • Spatial and temporal separation and isolation of virtual machines
  • Broad hardware support including x86_64 and ARMv8
  • Simplified device model which supports sharing and direct device assignment
  • Developed in compliance to safety certifications including ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and IEC 62304


The QNX® Hypervisor is the latest in the QNX portfolio of products for safe and secure computing. It leverages the following technologies and capabilities to provide strong isolation for critical operations while supporting the trend towards hardware consolidation.