BlackBerry QNX Whitepapers & Articles


Security Awareness

September 2019

Experience with Assurance Case Preparation

July 2019

Medical Device Safety and Security: Obvious but not easy to achieve

July 2019

Automotive Functional Safety: No Hiding Place

May 2018

Cybersecurity for Automobiles: BlackBerry’s 7-Pillar Recommendation

November 2017

Hypervisor Part 1- What is a Hypervisor and How Does it Work?

May 2017

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

February 2016


Is China Driving the Future of Auto-Mobility?

July 2019

Start Your Engines: BlackBerry Gears Up for New Testing Possibilities with the Launch of the Ottawa L5

May 2019

Instrument Cluster Evolution Will be Paved by Safety Considerations

December 2018

Moving ADAS/AD from R&D labs to production environment

November 2018

What does a 20th century German physicist have to do with the Functional Safety of Autonomous Cars?

July 2018

How to Tame Android OS for Vehicles

July 2018

Driving Through the Maze of Cyberthreats Within the Automotive Industry

June 2018

Recent Changes at the US Food and Drug Administration Emphasize BlackBerry QNX’s Value Proposition

June 2018