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Recorded Webinar: Accelerating Innovation and New Product Introductions with Platform Standardization

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When you are managing multiple products or product lines, each may have their own custom operating system (OS). And small software differences between products can evolve and result in significant challenges, including differences in how you integrate, deploy and maintain the disparate systems. That can mean your best developers spend more time maintaining open source software than working on new cloud, security, IoT and other features needed to keep up with client demands.

Learn how organizations have transformed their businesses and increased new product introductions with a platform architecture strategy. In this interactive panel discussion, we’ll discuss how standardizing software and the OS across products can help you release more products without increasing the number of developers on your team. We’ll explore how standardization can enable software reuse and increase flexibility, so you are less reliant on a single silicon or hardware vendor.

Join us and hear real life examples of how a standardized platform architecture helped refocus valuable development resources on new features and competitive differentiation, instead of OS maintenance and updates. Join us for this 60-minute session and explore the benefits of standardizing software and hardware architectures for electronic OEMs and embedded software developers.

  • Optimize system development and scale faster with a platform architectural strategy
  • Increase flexibility and reduce reliance on a single silicon vendor
  • Security considerations when architecting a new platform
  • How to choose the right commercial RTOS (and partner) to help you


  • Chris Rommel, Executive Vice President, VDC Research
  • Victor Salmons, VP of Engineering, Speciality Printing Group, ZebraTechnologies
  • Tom Keyserlingk, Vice President, Major Accounts, BlackBerry QNX