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Thank you for attending the BlackBerry QNX TECHFORUM. You may download the materials from the forum at any time - simply click on the slides and additional resources below.


BlackBerry IoT Business Update and Strategy

John Wall, Senior Vice President and Head of BlackBerry QNX

From Automotive to Industry 4.0: Learn How QNX Safety Products Support India’s Technology Movement

Sachin Dhiman, Field Application Engineer

The Industrial Software Revolution and Functional Safety—Designing with QNX Safety Products

Elton Lum, Senior Director, Field Application Engineering

Better Sound, Less Hardware. Improving Vehicle Audio User Experience—QNX Acoustics

Randy Martin, Senior Product Manager

Reducing Data Complexity to Enable Innovative Services and Solutions—BlackBerry IVY

Sat Gill, Senior Director of Technical Alliances

Building Your Next-Generation Products with QNX Cloud Enablement

Elton Lum, Senior Director, Field Application Engineering

Develop, Deploy and Test Mission-Critical UI's with Qt & QNX

Prashanth Gopal, Pre-Sales Engineer Qt

MICROSAR Adaptive as ASIL-B on QNX

Basavaraj Patil, Product Line Manager, Vector Informatik India Pvt. Ltd.

Software-Defined Vehicle

Vikrant Bhangey, Practice Head-E Cockpit, FEV

The Digital Cockpit—Learn How BlackBerry QNX Supports Virtualization, Android and the Next Generation of Mixed-Criticality Embedded Devices

Randy Martin, Senior Product Manager