QNX Accelerate

Today’s embedded systems demand more complex software and require more efficient development processes to get products to market faster.

QNX® Accelerate is an initiative that lets you develop mission-critical embedded systems based on BlackBerry® QNX® technology. By harnessing the agility, speed, and scale of the cloud, it empowers developers in new ways—enabling better collaboration, increasing development efficiencies, and reducing time-to-market.

Access QNX Software on the—AWS Cloud

Software development teams are constrained by hardware availability and inefficient processes. BlackBerry QNX solves for these challenges by running the QNX® real-time operating systems, including QNX® OS for Safety and an early access version of the QNX® Hypervisor in the cloud.

This means your developers can innovate and collaborate on safety and non-safety projects using cloud instances of QNX software that offer binary parity, which provides confidence that the code will work as intended on the embedded target board.

QNX Operating Systems in the Cloud

QNX operating systems in the cloud provide developers with access to trusted foundational software on AWS. With POSIX-compliant development environments, and the option  of using the safety-certified variant of the software, these products can help developers collaborate on mission-critical systems that rely on determinism, scalability and portability.

QNX Hypervisor in the Cloud — Early Access

QNX Hypervisor in the cloud enables development teams to collaborate remotely on common targets that provide representative digital twins of complex, mixed-criticality automotive systems such as digital cockpits that host IVI systems, in conjunction with  digital clusters.

Offering QNX Advanced Virtualization Framework support (based on VIRTIO) and features such as graphics, audio and keyboard/mouse capabilities, it enables developers to integrate advanced systems based on multi-OS environments.

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Improve Development Efficiency

Improve Development Efficiency

QNX Accelerate lets you reduce time to market by scaling your development and testing resources as needed.
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Minimize hardware dependence: De-couple software under development from the embedded system target hardware.

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Develop and test at scale: Establish efficient and flexible workflows. Launch one or multiple instances per user, share any number of instances with a team, or spin up new instance types to support rapid, iterative incremental development.

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Jumpstart new development projects: Access your existing codebase in the cloud. Scale development activities not only within projects, but across projects.

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Enhance the Developer Experience

Enhance the Developer Experience

QNX Accelerate augments the embedded development environment by integrating the methods and capabilities afforded by the cloud.
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Avoid emulator-target mismatches: Move your development to the cloud early to ensure the CPU cycles in your development environment match those of the embedded target hardware—helping you avoid software churn by maintaining binary parity.

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Augment DevOps methodologies: Integrate CI/CD pipelines to accelerate testing, verification, and validation.

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Easily connect QNX tools: Take advantage of the powerful QNX® Momentics Tool Suite, which works with both cloud targets and local targets.

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Boost Collaboration

Boost Collaboration

Revolutionize how developers collaborate by allowing them to access and share resources in real time, facilitate teamwork, and streamline processes and workflows.
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Connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world, at any time: Enable dispersed development teams across multiple time zones.

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Integrate easily with partners and subcontractors: Share QNX instances with your extended teams.

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Build Momentum in the Cloud

Build Momentum in the Cloud

QNX Accelerate offerings will continue to expand as BlackBerry QNX products and technologies evolve. Soon, developers will have access to more QNX technologies and capabilities in the cloud—so they can continue to develop new generations of safe, secure, mission-critical embedded systems for all industries where reliability matters.

The Power of Cloud Enablement with AWS

  • Industry-leading cloud infrastructure
  • Easy access from AWS Marketplace
  • Existing credits honored by AWS
  • Leverages proven, secure, reliable Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) infrastructure
  • Runs on Graviton2 (or higher) processor family (ARM64), which is widely used in embedded systems
  • Common infrastructure across customer and tool ecosystem

Foundational Software Products from BlackBerry QNX

Our real-time operating system (RTOS), hypervisor, and middleware deliver performance and security and streamline safety certifications.

QNX Neutrino RTOS

A deterministic yet flexible foundation for your next-generation products. Its unique microkernel architecture provides dependability, scalability, and layered security.

QNX® Hypervisor

An embedded virtualization solution with a microkernel architecture that enables multiple OSs (Android™, Linux®, QNX®) to safely operate on the same system-on-a-chip (SoC).

QNX® Advanced Virtualization Frameworks (QAVF)

A QNX Hypervisor add-on enabling standard-based sharing of advanced devices between guest operating systems.

QNX® Software Development Platform (SDP)

The power of QNX Neutrino RTOS plus the QNX® Momentics® Tool Suite for a POSIX-compliant, Linux-like development platform.

Getting Started

To start using the BlackBerry QNX real-time operating systems and safety-certified operating system in the AWS cloud, click the AWS Marketplace link below. Once on the Marketplace site, choose the appropriate subscription type—hourly for as-needed use, or annual for discounted long-term access. Don’t forget to refer to the Getting Started Guide, which covers the important aspects of configuration and operation.

To start using the QNX Hypervisor in the Cloud, Early Access, request an early access license by filling out the form linked below.

Contact your BlackBerry QNX sales representative to enquire about options tailored to your needs.

QNX Operating Systems in the Cloud

QNX Hypervisor in the Cloud—Early Access

QNX Accelerate FAQ

Is QNX Accelerate a new product?

QNX Accelerate is not a product but rather an ongoing initiative by BlackBerry QNX to accelerate embedded system development. Under this initiative, we have cloud-enabled the industry-leading QNX real-time operating systems,  QNX OS for Safety, and QNX Hypervisor products, making them available globally on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace.

What platforms does the QNX Accelerate initiative support?

QNX Accelerate currently supports offerings available in the Amazon Web Services cloud. Support for other cloud platforms will be considered in the future.

Are the cloud versions of QNX products the same as the desktop versions?

The desktop and cloud versions of the QNX® OS products are the same—they use the same microkernel and supporting binaries as those available via the QNX Software Development Platform. This parity is an important aspect of our approach to cloud enablement: ensuring that the cloud versions match existing software versions and can expand to support future upgrades. The cloud and desktop products differ only in how they are acquired.

Which processor architectures do the cloud versions of QNX OS products support?

The QNX OS products and early access version of Hypervisor in the Cloud support the ARM64-based AWS Graviton2 processor. The ARM64 architecture is common in intelligent edge embedded systems, so developers can work with full binary parity and with full confidence that their software will work as expected on a target system.

Must I use the cloud-enabled versions?

Existing customers with desktop licenses can continue to use the desktop versions—these remain fully supported. Migration to the cloud is entirely at your discretion. Desktop and cloud versions of the products can be used on the same project. Similarly, new customers can choose the desktop versions.  However, the cloud-enabled versions offer significant additional benefits, including reducing the amount of required target hardware and avoiding the need to emulate software.

Where can I get pricing information?

Pricing for on-demand use is available on AWS Marketplace. For more specific pricing, complete the form on this page or contact your BlackBerry Sales representative.

Where can I find instructions on how to use cloud-enabled QNX products?

User manuals are provided with purchase.

Will additional QNX products be cloud-enabled?

These are the first of many cloud-enabled products from QNX.