BlackBerry QNX Academy for Functional Safety

A Free Introductory Safety Course from BlackBerry QNX and Texas Instruments

The BlackBerry® QNX® Academy for Functional Safety provides your developers the self-paced training they need to fast-track software innovation efforts and de-risk the product development process for safe and secure embedded systems, complemented with hands-on learning. 

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Accelerate Your Innovation, Reduce Risk

Accelerate Your Innovation, Reduce Risk

The Academy was created to reduce both the time and risk that come with the development of safety-critical products like industrial robots and AI vision systems. Evaluation hardware including the TI TDA4VM Edge AI starter kit from Texas Instruments and evaluation software licenses from BlackBerry including the QNX® OS for Safety, the QNX® Hypervisor for Safety, and the QNX® Software Development Platform let you put learning into practice.
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Topics Covered

Topics Covered

The BlackBerry QNX Academy for Functional Safety covers a range of topics, giving you the knowledge you need to get started with functional safety methods and best practices. You’ll have access to materials from the some of the world’s foremost functional safety experts, complemented with hands-on learning using evaluation hardware from Texas Instruments and extended trial licenses of QNX® software.

Get Started

Participants in the BlackBerry QNX Academy for Functional Safety will need 90-day evaluation licenses of BlackBerry® QNX® software as well as evaluation hardware from Texas Instruments. Follow these steps to access your 90-day evaluation licenses for the QNX Software Development Platform 7.1, the QNX OS for Safety 2.2, and the QNX Hypervisor for Safety 2.2.

Step 1: Log in to your myQNX account. 

If you are new to QNX and do not have an account, please create a myQNX account. You also need a GitLab account. Make sure to use the same email for both of your myQNX and GitLab accounts. 


Step 2: Complete the form to request your evaluation licenses.

Once you are logged in to your account, select the link below to get your evaluation licenses. You will be asked to apply for the license and agree to the end user license terms and conditions. This 90-day evaluation is meant to be used in conjunction with the BlackBerry QNX Academy for Functional Safety on Please allow two business days for receipt of your license keys.


Step 3: Visit the Texas Instruments site to purchase your hardware starter kit and start learning.

Go to the Texas Instruments website to purchase your TDA4VM processor starter kit for edge AI vision systems, then visit the Academy page and follow the instructions to begin the course.


Get Your 90-Day QNX Evaluation Licenses Now 

Get your evaluation licenses before you start your training with the BlackBerry QNX Academy for Functional Safety.

Note: BlackBerry QNX created all content of the BlackBerry® QNX® Academy for Functional Safety. The content is intended for educational use only. You are responsible for the safety and quality of your products. BlackBerry and Texas Instruments cannot be held responsible for the safety or quality of any products created using the content of the BlackBerry QNX Academy for Functional Safety.