QNX Multimedia Suite

Develop embedded systems with rich audio and video content.

Standalone Multimedia Middleware Compatible with QNX

Whether you’re building a simple media player application to play on-board or connected mobile device content or a more complex media server that encodes and streams data across a network, the QNX® Multimedia Suite provides all the underlying capabilities you need to create rich media experiences.

Developed using a modular and scalable architecture, our multimedia technology supports the latest audio and video industry standards and can be easily upgraded to support new standards as they become available. The QNX Multimedia Suite is middleware delivered with the QNX® Software Development Platform. It can be implemented as an independent standalone system or fully integrated with other BlackBerry® QNX® products, including the QNX® Sensor Framework.

Field-Proven in Tens of Millions of Systems

Field-Proven in Tens of Millions of Systems

Work with multimedia technology that has been deployed by hundreds of customers worldwide and across different industry verticals, including automotive, medical, and industrial automation. Proven in tens of millions of automotive infotainment head units, the technology enables media-rich, high-quality playback, encoding and streaming of audio and video content.
Extensive Hardware Support

Extensive Hardware Support

The QNX Multimedia Suite supports leading vendor silicon and takes full advantage of video hardware acceleration. Thanks to our extensive hardware support (see QNX Board Support Packages), comprehensive CODEC and file format support and customizations available through BlackBerry® QNX® Professional Services, you can easily integrate media functionality into your systems.  


Key features of the QNX Multimedia Suite:

  • A sophisticated rendering engine for media playback from file or streamed content
  • A wide range of hardware-accelerated video and audio CODECs
  • Support for OpenMAX AL API
  • Recording and streaming of content for dispatch to a receiving endpoint
  • Device connectivity for Apple®, Android™ and Windows® protocols
  • Media content and metadata synchronization to database with playlist management support

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Learn how to create rich media experiences with the QNX Multimedia Suite.


Structural Dependency
Learn how to develop embedded systems that deliver rich media experiences with the QNX Multimedia Suite.
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Structural Dependency
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