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QNX Black Channel Communications Technology

Safe and verified data communications for embedded systems

Product Brief

Functionally Safe Data Communication

There is an ever-growing demand for functionally safe data communication, especially in safety-critical embedded systems for automotive, robotics, industrial controls, and medical device industries.

Following the Black Channel approach, defined in IEC 61508 standard, functional safety development and certification is limited to the safety layer. This approach provides reliable data transmission and consumption and greatly reduces the scope of certification while eliminating the need to have a safety certified network stack.

Pre-certified Black Channel Communication Solution

Designed to the highest functional safety standards and certified by TÜV Rheinland to ISO 26262 ASIL D, QNX® Black Channel Communications Technology helps ensure the safety of your system’s data communication by encapsulating the data being exchanged in a safety header and performing safety checks to validate it at both ends.

  • Safety certified mechanism to send and receive data passed over unsafe communication links (UDP, TCP, CAN)
  • Provides integrity checking, authentication and detection of data loss
  • Supports Adaptive AUTOSAR profiles
  • Uses minimal computing resources and has minimal impact on data transmission speeds

Safe Data Communication for Critical Systems

QNX Black Channel Communications Technology protects data communication regardless of underlying communication software and hardware. It can help you streamline development and accelerate timelines and reduce the cost in moving projects from research to production and onto roads. QNX Black Channel Communications Technology provides a ‘safety bag’ for data that detects the faults defined in IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 including: 

●       Incorrect message addressing

●       Data insertion

●       Data corruption

●       Data masquerade

●       Data repetition

●       Asymmetric data

●       Invalid message sequencing

●       Reception only by subset

●       Data loss


Specification and Profile Support


Specification Profile CRC/ HMAC
AUTOSAR SW-C E2E                                                    1 CRC8
  4 CRC32
  6 CRC16
  7 CRC64
17 HMAC (SHA 256)
  17 HMAC (SHA 512)

QNX Black Channel Communications Technology can run on QNX® OS (SDP 7.0 or QOS 2.1), Linux® or SafeRTOS. However, with QNX® OS for Safety (QOS 2.1), you can deploy out of the box with no configuration required.

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