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Embedded Systems: Safety, Security and Reliability

Trusted by hundreds of millions of devices in the world’s most mission-critical systems

Trust is Built Upon Safety, Security and Reliability

There is an increased dependence on sophisticated software to ensure the proper operation of embedded systems that are reliant on mission-critical and life-critical operations within medical devices, heavy machinery, power and energy, robotics, and industrial automation. While the individual market challenges may differ across industries, the common embedded software development challenges of these mission-critical systems remain the same and come down to three themes: Safety, Security, and Reliability.

At its foundational core, BlackBerry QNX offers a deterministic, POSIX-based, microkernel OS can help overcome challenges such as:

  • Selecting the right software platform for your mission-critical systems
  • Meeting reliability and safety compliance requirements
  • Securing embedded software over the lifetime of the system
  • Bringing products to market quicker and on budget

Functional Safety

Mission-critical systems require the correct operation of a system to prevent catastrophic results. The embedded solutions designed specifically by BlackBerry QNX for industries adhere to stringent functional safety standards. BlackBerry QNX offers pre-certified software solutions that largely remove the unknowns in project planning, in both time and budget.

We have an unparalleled reputation and proven pedigree through safety certifications, with 100% success rate in passing safety certifications, having never failed a safety certification process.

Safety Certifications currently in place or in progress: 

General embedded infographic

BlackBerry QNX Safety Solutions

General embedded infographic


The monetary value of data, the ability to cause serious harm, and the interoperability and connectivity of mission-critical systems make them vulnerable targets. Hijacking of medical devices and exploiting software vulnerabilities in not only medical devices but hospital systems is on the rise. With the emergence of 5G and increased connectivity, Industrial automation systems and robots that perform valuable and precise actions have seen an increase in attacks that impact the ability to perform with a high degree of safety, accuracy, and integrity.

BlackBerry QNX is a leader in supplying safe, secure, and reliable software platforms for mission critical systems with an established pedigree in cyber security.

BlackBerry QNX offers the most advanced and secure embedded operating system (OS) for mission-critical systems.

  • Secure Software Update
  • Secure Supply Chain
  • Managed PKI Authentication
  • FIPS Certified Encryption
  • OS Certified to ISO/IEC 15408
  • Cybersecurity Services


Trust is hard to earn and harder to keep. BlackBerry QNX software has been trusted for decades in the most mission-critical embedded systems on the planet from companies such as General Electric, Lockheed Martin, and Siemens. 

BlackBerry QNX offers ‘five nines’ reliability, ideally suited for mission-critical systems where a high level of availability is imperative. The core of the BlackBerry QNX offering is an operating system that is designed with a microkernel architecture that separates critical OS components into their own protected memory partitions that ensures one fault won’t bring the system down, unlike a monolithic OS that places them all together. The BlackBerry QNX operating system is quite simply the most advanced and secure embedded OS developed for the embedded systems market.


QNX Hypervisor

QNX® Hypervisor is a real-time, Type 1 hypervisor that offers virtualization technology for complex embedded systems in embedded systems, enabling the secure separation and isolation of operating systems on a SoC.

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QNX OS for Safety

QNX OS for Safety is a software solution that provides the reliable foundation necessary for building safe and medical devices, security and defense, industrial automation, and robotic systems in a cost-effective manner.

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