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QNX SDK for Bluetooth Connectivity

A Bluetooth solution for embedded systems

Product Brief

Enabling Bluetooth Connectivity for Embedded Systems

Designed for flexibility, QNX® SDK for Bluetooth® Connectivity offers a dual-mode Bluetooth Smart Ready stack with a comprehensive list of profiles to support connectivity with Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy devices for a wide range of general embedded markets.

The QNX SDK for Bluetooth Connectivity, underpinned by the highly reliable QNX Neutrino RTOS, offers developers a low-risk path for building highly robust, interoperable systems using the latest Bluetooth protocols and profiles.  Ported to run on different processor architectures and supporting the host controller interface (HCI) protocol, it ensures customers are not locked in to any particular vendor processor or Bluetooth controller hardware IC. Making use of the same code base, customers can enable Bluetooth connectivity across their product line, leveraging their development efforts across the entire product portfolio. This reduces project risk and helps to improve their revenue-to-cost ratio.

The QNX SDK for Bluetooth Connectivity medical reference demonstration illustrates connectivity to Bluetooth Classic and Low Energy peripherals for a patient’s vital signs monitor.

An Efficient and Flexible Solution to Achieving Bluetooth Interoperability

A Flexible Bluetooth Offering with No Vendor Lock-in

QNX SDK for Bluetooth Connectivity is a comprehensive, scalable solution, providing a range of Classic and BLE profiles to suit different applications, as well as the ability to augment the stack to support new profiles as required. Avoid hardware vendor lock-in by using a stack ported to run on a wide range of SoCs supporting ARM or x86 processor architectures, and supports the HCI protocol radio hardware.

Proven and Certified Intellectual Property (IP), to Help Guarantee Interoperability

QNX SDK for Bluetooth Connectivity is compliant to the latest version of the Bluetooth Core Specification, version 4.2. Deploying a system with IP that maintains lock-step with the latest adopted standard helps guarantee maximum interoperability with existing in-field devices. Mindtree’s Bluetooth IP, at the heart of the QNX SDK for Bluetooth Connectivity, has shipped in millions of systems worldwide over the last decade. 

Product and Service Offerings—Reap the Benefits of a Single Supplier

By reducing the risks of interfacing with multiple suppliers for different components of the software stack, customers benefit from receiving more of the overall software solution from a single supplier – operating system, Bluetooth stack protocols and profiles, and other middleware components. Adding services to the mix can dramatically streamline development cost, reduce risk, and accelerate time-to-market.

Reuse Code Base Across Product Line, with Little to No Changes

Capitalize on project investment by maximizing software reuse across multiple products using the same code base. Reuse of same code base means customers’ focus remains at the application layer and not in the lower, detailed implementation layers of the stack reducing future project risks, and cost.


QNX SDK for Bluetooth Connectivity is a reliable and flexible software offering, built on top of the QNX OS, and compliant with Bluetooth version 4.2. The SDK has been ported to both ARM and x86 processor architectures and supports any Bluetooth certified radio module or chipset that supports HCI over USB or UART transport.

The SDK offers different packages that comprise bundles of protocols and profiles that can be selected from, based on end-product requirements. Profiles supported out-of-the-box include the classic PAN, SPP, HDP, HID, FTP, and OPP profiles, as well as the BAS, FMP, HRP, HOGP, and PXP Low Energy profiles. The IEEE 11073 Personal Health Data stack is available in an add-on package for medical applications, and operates over Bluetooth using HDP.

Bluetooth graphic
Hardware Support
  • Processor architectures:

                    o   ARMv7
                    o   x86

  • Supports any Bluetooth certified radio module, chip set that supports HCI over a USB or UART transport
Target Reference Implementations
  • Freescale i.MX6 SABRE Smart +
  • TI WiLink 8 radio module
  • TI OMAP5 uEVM + TI WiLink 8 radio module
  • Intel NUC (BayTrail) + AzureWave
  • AW-CB178NF (Marvell-based)
Professional Services
  • Ports to custom hardware
  • System integration and optimization
  • HCI driver development
  • Add-on Classic or Low Energy profiles
  • Interoperability testing
  • Application development
Product Packages
  • Package 1: 4.2 dual mode Bluetooth stack protocols with PAN and SPP –Classic Bluetooth profiles
  • Package 2: 4.2 dual mode Bluetooth stack protocols with Classic Bluetooth profiles: PAN, SPP, HDP, HID (host), FTP, OPP and
            o   Low Energy profiles: HRP, HOGP (host),
            o   PXP, FMP, BAS
  • Package 3: Pkg 2 + IEEE 11073 stack with support for pulse ox and weight scale device specializations

Product Brief: QNX SDK for Bluetooth Connectivity

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