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BlackBerry QNX Over the Air (OTA)

A custom OTA solution built by the company that specializes in embedded software

Product Brief

Addressing the Most Complex OTA Challenges

When you hear about over-the-air (OTA) updates, you may think of remotely updating software on smartphones over a mobile network. But today’s OTA endpoints can include systems in vehicles, robots on factory production lines, or medical devices. Remote updates to complex systems like these can come with an increased risk of software bugs, security breaches and safety issues.  BlackBerry QNX addresses this complexity with a flexible OTA solution that can be customized to seamlessly and securely update and manage endpoints, enabling you to focus on innovation, not software updates and maintenance.

Protecting Your Technology Investments

Our modular and flexible solution lets you seamlessly provide software updates to disparate technologies on the same endpoint, without the need to overhaul or invest in new cloud and IT infrastructure technologies.

Customized for Your OTA Project

When out-of-the-box solutions don’t meet your needs, rely on BlackBerry QNX. Our custom OTA solution is backed by experienced embedded system professionals to address your most complex needs.

Leveraging BlackBerry Security Technology

Our OTA solution leverages field-proven BlackBerry security technology such as Certicom PKI and works seamlessly with the BlackBerry® Jarvis® binary static application security testing (SAST) platform.

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Protecting Your Technology Investments

Don’t throw away the technologies that are working simply to enable software updates. Your technology and processes may already be working for you, so you want to avoid disrupting or having to replace them. Because different cloud and IT technologies don’t often interoperate, some OTA solutions require you to replace your existing update infrastructure. BlackBerry QNX OTA works with your existing technology investments, including your authentication mechanisms, end-point management systems, cloud, software repository and communication protocols. 

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Customized for Your OTA Project

Because there’s no one-size-fits all solution when it comes to meeting OTA requirements, BlackBerry QNX OTA builds on an initial framework and evolves with your changing needs, continually paving the way to new business opportunities. Our approach is modular, so we can tailor a solution to work with your unique technology environment and update requirements. 

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Leveraging BlackBerry Security Technology

New OTA software updates have the potential to introduce vulnerabilities that may open a backdoor for hackers down the road. BlackBerry QNX OTA offers uncompromising security features that are complemented by industry leading BlackBerry security technologies including BlackBerry Certicom PKI, a solution that can uniquely identify and authenticate both the source and target of your updates and BlackBerry Jarvis, a platform that can ensure the integrity of your software. 

We’re here to help. Talk to BlackBerry QNX about your embedded OTA project today!

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Solution Features

BlackBerry QNX OTA provides everything you need to start providing updates to your devices over the air.  


Web Portal

A customizable management interface to manage, monitor and deliver software updates to devices. 

Embedded Client

A lightweight library that communicates with the OTA server and interacts with the device's update/install components.

Security Evolution

Security features to address evolving threats including authentication, identity management, vulnerability scanning and even artificial intelligence. 

Cloud-Based Solution

Our solution is cloud-based and pre-integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We can also support the solution in the cloud of your choice.

BlackBerry QNX Professional Services

Our professional services bring complex integration methods to your existing systems and new infrastructure. 


Server-Side Integration

We provide server-side integration with your cloud and IT infrastructure.

Device-Side Integration

We offer complete integration with your device software.

Cloud Provisioning

We provision the OTA server for you on AWS, or on the cloud provider of your choice.

Custom Development

We help you develop the features to meet specific OTA requirements for your immediate and evolving roadmap.

Critical Issue Support

Your solution is backed by 24/7 on-call support to address critical issues and ensure maximum uptime.

Quality Management

Your custom OTA solution will adhere to our quality management practices for design and testing.

“By leveraging BlackBerry QNX OTA technology and their engineering services, we were able to streamline development of a custom engine software management solution for our trucks. They were a critical piece in getting our solution into production on schedule and we look forward to continuing to partner with BlackBerry QNX to add more features and increase automation in the second phase of this project.”

PACCAR Technology Director