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QNX Software Development Platform 7.1
30-Day Evaluation

Thank you for your interest in QNX technology and products. This evaluation provides you with access to QNX® Software Development Platform 7.1.

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Step 1: Log In to your myQNX account

If you have an account, please log in now.

If you are new to QNX and do not have an account, please create a myQNX account.


Step 2: Complete the license key form

Once you are logged in to your account, you will be asked to provide license data to initiate your request.

* End user license terms and conditions apply. This 30-day evaluation is for commercial projects only. Please allow up to two business days for receipt of your license keys.


Step 3: Download the product


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How to Request a 30 Day Evaluation of QNX Software Development Platform 7
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Enter Your Activate-Prompt Key for the Manual Activation of Your QNX Product.
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View Our Extensive Library of BSPs for a Broad Selection of ARM and x86 Boards.
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Download Developer Resources for Your QNX Products.
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