Deliver safety-certified medical devices to market faster with BlackBerry QNX

Medical device makers trust BlackBerry® QNX® software for a broad range of life-critical and graphics-rich medical applications. That’s because our foundational software is time-tested, inherently secure and purpose-built for embedded systems. Here’s how BlackBerry QNX can help you get your medical applications and devices to market—faster.

Get Proven Reliability, Performance and Security

Build Upon a Safe and Reliable Foundation
The QNX® OS for Safety and the QNX® Hypervisor for Safety are pre-certified to IEC 62304—so you can streamline the safety certification process for your devices. The QNX Hypervisor enables you to manage non-safety Linux® applications in isolation. You can easily port safety-critical applications to any of our POSIX-compatible, Eclipse-based microkernel RTOS solutions. 
Secure Your Software Bill of Materials
Detect and remediate software security issues with BlackBerry® Jarvis®, which quickly and accurately analyzes binaries. BlackBerry Jarvis can scan complete software products for security vulnerabilities and software craftsmanship, without source code, and will provide recommendations for resolving issues. 
Protect Software, Applications and Devices
Secure the production and personalization of your products with the Certicom® Asset Management System (AMS). The Certicom AMS helps device manufacturers securely provision cryptographic keys, trust anchors, unique device identifiers and debug passwords, with visibility and governance over the manufacturing process—regardless of location. 

Read our medical solutions guide to learn how we can help you get safe, secure and reliable medical devices to market faster

Selecting your medical OS

Selecting your medical OS

One of the most critical decisions you need to make when developing a medical device is what operating system to use. But there’s no one-size-fits-all choice. Learn what the critical considerations are for selecting the right OS by downloading our free white paper. This paper explores:

  • Safety certification
  • Code traceability and software of unknown provenance
  • OS architectures
  • Cost and time to market

Machine Learning in Medical Devices

How will you incorporate future-looking technology into development of your safety-critical medical devices? What if your software produces unintended outcomes? Strengthen the protection of your patients and users with safeguards to address potential impacts of algorithmic updates.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How to make use of AI and machine learning (ML) in medical devices
  • Strategies to keep your medical devices up-to-date in the field
  • Key safeguards that protect both patients and medical professionals
  • About total software lifecycle management


Medical device cybersecurity is of growing concern. Download our infographic for tips on securing yours.

Design for Safety and Security

Design for Safety and Security

As with any mission-critical system, safety and security are vital requirements of medical device design.  When you’re integrating various technologies and off-the-shelf components into a medical device, you must balance performance and safety, while ensuring cybersecurity. This paper explores how to overcome these medical device development challenges, including:

  • Finding hazards
  • Defining requirements
  • Selecting OTS components
  • Complying with standards

How we can help you build safe, secure and reliable medical devices

Trusted Foundational Software
BlackBerry QNX provides time-tested and trusted foundational software, including the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS, a deterministic microkernel real-time operating system, a safety-certified OS for Safety and a Hypervisor for Safety—all purpose-built for embedded systems and easy to port from prototypes built on Linux.
End-to-End Security
BlackBerry QNX delivers solutions that can help you secure your end products across the software development lifecycle—and will continue to provide security even when your products are in the field.
Field-Tested Expertise to Leverage
We have experts to provide the software, support and professional services you need to build better medical devices—and who can help you get your products certified and approved for market. We’re your partner at every step, from inception to launch.


Shortening Medical Software Development
In this first part of this webinar series on developing safe, secure medical devices, our experts discuss new software solutions available to medical device manufacturers.
The Importance of Strong Cybersecurity Principles
The second webinar will address establishing practices to ensure the security of components from your complex supply chain that can include COTS and SOUP.
Streamlining Safety Certifications in Medical Devices
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