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Powering the Digital Transformation of Commercial Vehicles

BlackBerry QNX leads the way with a safety-first approach to innovation.
Leaders Keep the Industry Moving

Leaders Keep the Industry Moving

Commercial vehicles are the most important links in our supply chains. Meanwhile, OEMs are finding opportunities to take the lead in lessening the industry’s impact on the planet, unlocking new commercial benefits in the process—not just with electrification, but with autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, too.

It’s an exciting time for commercial vehicle companies who are developing greener, more innovative technologies and using data to maximize efficiency.

BlackBerry QNX SDP 8.0: Driving the Future of Innovation

From enhanced safety systems to a superior driver experience, through to the creation of new data-driven revenue streams, when it comes to the future of heavy road haulage, software-defined vehicles are leading the way.

Powering this new era of electric mobility is the QNX® Software Development Platform 8.0. The culmination of more than 25 years of research and in-the-field implementation of BlackBerry® QNX® technology, it’s our safest and most secure embedded operating system yet. It’s built around scalable, future-proof technology and helps enable you to unleash the full potential of next-gen mobility while reducing overall costs.

Leave time-consuming OS development and maintenance, as well as safety certification for the foundational component, to us. This frees your team to focus on innovation and developing features for better-connected software-defined vehicles. BlackBerry QNX is a leader in pre-certified operating systems and hypervisors, providing the ideal platform for the future of safe, software-defined commercial vehicles.

Balancing Innovation and Efficiency with BlackBerry QNX

QNX Accelerate

Now available in the cloud, BlackBerry QNX enables you to test the impact of new software while minimizing hardware dependence, scale development teams as needed, and connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world in real time.

QNX® Accelerate turbocharges development activities, fostering innovation and reducing carbon emissions while creating efficiencies across the board.

BlackBerry IVY

BlackBerry IVY® is a secure, scalable platform that combines the best of BlackBerry QNX and AWS technologies. It standardizes data from across all systems in the vehicle and enables ML processing at the vehicle edge.

Edge processing lets you reduce costs and complexity by minimizing data transfer to the cloud. Use cases include predictive maintenance, usage-based insurance, in-vehicle payments, next-gen emergency response, and intelligent EV battery management.


The QNX® Acoustic Management Platform (AMP) integrates multiple acoustic management features into one central platform. It reduces the need for weighty extra hardware while letting you design and manage the total sonic experience of the vehicle—optimizing acoustics while creating a safer, more secure driving environment. Our technology reduces unwanted cabin noise, enables premium audio subscriptions, keeps drivers’ focus on the road using voice-activated controls, and brings entirely new levels of personalization through audio, chimes, and alerts.

How BlackBerry QNX Can Help

QNX Neutrino RTOS

Powers hundreds of millions of systems in every industry where reliability matters.

QNX Hypervisor

Run diverse OSs on the same SoC—even safety-critical and non-safety systems.

BlackBerry QNX Professional Services

Our virtualization, security, and safety experts can assist you from design to delivery.

BlackBerry QNX Safety Services

We help you reduce the risk and streamline the development of your safety-certified products.