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QNX Momentics Tool Suite

Development and debugging tools for the QNX Neutrino RTOS

Product Brief

Time-saving Development and Debugging Tools

The QNX® Momentics® Tool Suite, included with QNX Software Development Platform (SDP), offers a comprehensive Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) and powerful command-line tools that will be familiar to anyone who’s worked with Linux. Whether you work on Linux, macOS or Windows, the QNX Momentics tools enable your development teams to quickly create, debug, optimize and deploy embedded software projects

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Focus on Your Code

The QNX Momentics Tool Suite provides you with an optimized C and C++ environment that lets you focus on what you do best: design and develop your embedded applications and systems.

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Spend Less Time Debugging

QNX Momentics tools offer unique debugging features, such as multi-core profiling, so you’ll spend less time bug hunting and have more time to create and optimize.

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Optimize on the Target

Understand exactly what your code is actually doing in its intended production environment so you can quickly identify and resolve subtle issues, and optimize performance on the hardware where it matters.

Code Development

As well as its powerful command-line tools and familiar Eclipse-based IDE in which you can create and develop your embedded software projects, the QNX Momentics Tools Suite allows you to easily manage your code with wizards, editors and more.

  • Project Wizards: Automate the entire project-creation process: choose the language, populate the project with build directories, dependency files and starting source code, and even compile for your embedded target.
  • Editors: Configure your work space with user-defined preferences and time-saving features such as cut-and-paste, undo, commenting, highlighting, and language-specific indentation.
  • Build Tools: Use your preferred build tools: the command-line tools and the IDE can build exactly the same binaries.
  • Source Control: Manage your source with command-line tools or with the IDE, which supports GIT, Subversion and CVS, as well as Eclipse plugins for ClearCase, Perforce SCWI, etc.

Debugging and Optimization

The QNX Momentics Tool Suite includes unique QNX tools you can use to track down and fix bugs as well as optimize your system’s performance. The QNX Momentics Tool Suite offers a number of debugging options: 

  • Source debugging: Dynamically attach to running processes and debug multiple applications and processes, tracking individual threads and execution paths across CPUs.
  • Application Profiling: Evaluate program performance, no matter how large or complex, to quickly target areas for debugging, further analysis and optimization.
  • System Profiling: Profile thread state changes and messaging, and thread migration between CPUs to eliminate IPC bottlenecks, excessive contention for resources, and inefficient thread migrations.
  • Code Coverage: Highlight exercised source code paths for speedier and more thorough testing, modify tests to run untried code, and even remove dead code—especially useful for safety certifications such as ISO 26262. 

Working on Target Systems

As well as a system builder that simplifies building target images, the QNX Momentics Tool Suite includes tools that let you work directly on your target board.

  • System Builder: Create bootable OS images, flash filesystem images or images that combine multiple components, such as an Initial Program Loader (IPL), an OS image and a filesystem image into a single image.
  • Target Agent and Navigator: Communicate directly with the target to transfer new files, launch applications, debug code in situ, profile the system or specific applications, and gather the information you need to improve and optimize your system.

Technical Resources

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