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Engineering Services - Security - Embedded Systems

Helping secure embedded systems and supply chains throughout the Software Development Lifecycle

Engage An Expert

Customized Expert Engagements for Security-critical Embedded Systems

Increasing cyber-attacks create the urgent need to understand and address vulnerabilities across complex, multi-tiered, software supply chains.

With decades of proven experience in high assurance markets, BlackBerry QNX Security Services offer world-class security expertise, proven tools, trusted technology, and strong ecosystem support to industries including automotive, medical, robotics, industrial automation, defense and aerospace.

Our methodical approach to security, informed by decades of research and perfected through countless iterations to secure our own products, can help evaluate your software assets and make your deployed systems more secure.

  • Assess Software Security Posture
  • Plan and Implement Quantifiable Security Strategy
  • Improve Level of Software Security Assurance

Establish Security Culture

For embedded systems, functional safety and cyber security must be tightly aligned. Safety engineering is focused on unintentional errors while security engineering focuses on deliberate malicious behaviours. Understanding the nuanced, and sometimes conflicting, interactions between these highly specialized engineering functions is the key to establishing a strong security culture.

Assess Security Posture

Systematic software analysis helps address vulnerabilities, mitigates the risk of non-adherence to security requirements, and reduces development and certification costs.

From penetration testing to comprehensive security assessments, BlackBerry QNX security experts can enhance security and software craftsmanship by targeting specific processes, specific software, or a company’s overall security posture.

Remediate and Protect Your Embedded Assets

A meaningful software security plan must include performance scorecards for the supply chain and the SDLC.

BlackBerry QNX experts help prioritize areas of greatest risk, utilizing advanced tools for security design, and leverage best-in-class security solutions for embedded systems. We collaborate with our customers to build sustainable teams, processes and infrastructure.