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Helping you build secure embedded systems – from software to the supply chain.

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BlackBerry QNX Security Services

With increasing connectivity and growing complexity of software in embedded systems, designing secure systems has become more challenging and fraught with pitfalls. Embedded developers need to consider security at every stage of the development lifecycle to mitigate vulnerabilities and protect against attacks.

For over 35 years, BlackBerry has been synonymous with security. Let our team of embedded security experts, help you evaluate software assets to identify vulnerabilities and recommend specific remediation actions. From penetration testing to a holistic appraisal of your company’s security posture, our professional services team can assess and address security issues with your processes or products at every stage of your software development life cycle (SDLC).

BlackBerry QNX Security Service Packages

OSS Assessment

Leveraging binary static application security testing (SAST) this audit will determine the open source software bill of materials, including each OSS component version, copyright notice and license.

Software Security Audit

Leveraging BlackBerry’s cybersecurity team and binary static application security testing (SAST), we will assess the security of hardware and software within an embedded system.

Penetration Testing

Leveraging BlackBerry’s Security Services team and binary static application security testing (SAST), we will define and test various exploits to understand potential design or code vulnerabilities.

Custom Security Services

The security of your embedded system is only as good as its least secure hardware and software components. That’s why it’s important to fully understand security across the supply chain and entire lifecycle. Backed by 35 years of experience in cybersecurity and a proven binary code scanning solution (SAST), the BlackBerry QNX Professional Services team has deep expertise and security research and development to help you protect your products. Traditional security consultants test to find holes, and then go home just as the real work begins. BlackBerry will support your organization from product design to ongoing incident response. engineers

We understand the unique challenges of securing embedded systems throughout the development lifecycle and can advise on secure architecture design, development, deployment, and supply chain management whether you are looking to build a secure platform, harden a product, or deploy a secure and effective IoT capability, we’re here to help.

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BlackBerry Jarvis

BlackBerry Jarvis is a cloud-based, binary static application security testing (SAST) platform. With our cutting-edge system exploration technology, you can examine a complete software product for security vulnerabilities and software craftsmanship, even if it includes third party or open source (OSS) software components. Access to source code isn’t required as BlackBerry Jarvis extracts the characteristics and attributes from compiled binaries.

Using a combination of expertise and software tools, BlackBerry QNX security experts can quickly assess software packages for adherence to industry standards, internal requirements and security best practices using techniques based on actual measurement and insights. We will explore the software deliverable and highlight areas of concern, as well as recommend remediations and provide insights not normally available with SAST testing.

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