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Embedded Software Engineering Kongress—ESE 2022

The Safe, Secure and Reliable Foundational Software For Embedded Real Time Systems
Thank you for visiting us at the congress. Learn more about how BlackBerry® QNX® solutions can help with your embedded systems projects by viewing the resources below.

Automotive Resources

White Paper

The Evolution and Future of the Software-Defined Vehicle

White Paper

The Top 10 Reasons Why 24 of the Top 25 EV OEMS choose BlackBerry

General Resources

How Evolving Threats are Changing the Game for Embedded Device Manufacturers
By making use of cybersecurity tools, frameworks and architecting innovative security solutions in our embedded software products, it ensures security now and into the future with BlackBerry QNX.
Software Composition Analysis and Security Testing for Embedded Systems
BlackBerry® Jarvis® 2.0 is designed to analyze binaries within complex embedded systems, identify security vulnerabilities in products that have software from multiple sources, without the need for source code. 
Real-Time Operating Systems Ultimate Guide
A real-time operating system must be reliable, fast, responsive. It must manage limited resources and schedule tasks so they complete on time and ensure functions are isolated and free of interference from other functions. Learn more about what a RTOS is and the pros and cons of the two types of RTOS architectures, monolithic and microkernel.
The World’s First ISO 26262 ASIL D Safety-Certified Commercial Hypervisor
QNX® Hypervisor for Safety provides the broadest design flexibility to allow system designers to build dependable systems without wasting hardware resources.
QNX Hypervisor for Safety
Pre-certified to ISO 26262 ASIL D so you can safely run diverse OSs on the same SoC.
QNX OS for Safety
Our pre-certified, multicore, real-time OS streamlines safety-critical system development. 
QNX Hypervisor Virtualization Software
Consolidate diverse embedded systems with different reliability and security requirements onto a single system on a chip (SoC) with the QNX® Hypervisor.

Technical Resources

BlackBerry QNX Safety Certification and Compliance

Learn More about BlackBerry QNX Embedded Systems