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Embedded World 2022

Thank you for visiting us at Embedded World 2022. Learn more about how BlackBerry® QNX® can help to ensure the safety and security of your mission-critical systems by viewing the resources below.


Ten Principles for Building Safe Embedded Software Systems
BlackBerry QNX Safety Services complement and enhance your company’s strengths in functional safety for embedded systems. We can help you hit your production deadlines and ensure your safety-critical products meet applicable industry standards.
QNX Hypervisor for Safety
The QNX® Hypervisor for Safety is the safety-certified variant of the QNX® Hypervisor. With non-safety OSs (Android™, Linux®) contained in QNX Hypervisor for Safety virtual machines, you can focus your certification efforts and funds on certifying only your safety-critical components.
Are Hypervisors the Answer to the Coming Silicon Shortages?
A hypervisor consolidates diverse guests with different reliability, safety and security requirements on a single SoC, as well as to offload a good deal of the work required to adapt a system to specific chips and even chip revisions onto the hypervisor design and configuration.
Software Composition Analysis and Security Testing for Embedded Systems
BlackBerry® Jarvis® 2.0 is designed to analyze binaries within complex embedded systems, identify security vulnerabilities in products that have software from multiple sources, without the need for source code.

Brochure: Medical Devices Solution Guide
BlackBerry® QNX® embedded software solutions help medical device manufacturers innovate and rapidly deliver safe, secure medical applications to market. Our solutions scale to meet the requirements of medical applications that range from small-footprint, real-time applications to full-featured applications.
Brochure: Rail Solution Guide
BlackBerry® QNX® enables rail companies to build in functional safety and cybersecurity while helping to improve reliability, simplify safety certification and reduce costs over the lifetime of rail systems.
Brochure: Robotics and Automation Solution Guide
BlackBerry® QNX® provides manufacturers of robotics systems with a complete software foundation on which to develop their technologies and expand their businesses.
Brochure: Automotive Industry Solution Guide
BlackBerry® QNX® provides solutions to support modern, connected vehicle features and subsystems like automatic driving, digital cockpits, instrument clusters, infotainment, digital instrument clusters, acoustics, telematics, secure gateways and more.

Vehicle to Anything (V2X) Communication
The BlackBerry® SCMS platform offers all the required PKI features. From top-level management, policy and revocation functions to low-level end-entity enrollment, linkage value creation, and certificate issuance.
Digital Certificate Management Module
Security Builder® PKI™ provides trust and non-repudiation by enabling developers to add robust, standards-based digital certificate and key management to applications and devices including mobile phones, medical devices, connected cars, cable modems, IoT devices or any other networked electronic products.

Thank you for visiting us at Embedded World 2022.