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Digital Cockpit - RTOS, Middleware

The world's first safe and secure digital cockpit solution

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A complete cockpit software solution

Electronic Control Unit (ECU) consolidation is a growing trend in automotive electronic design. The vehicle cockpit is evolving with multiple sub-systems such as infotainment, digital instrument clusters and heads-up displays running on a single high-performance system-on-chip (SoC). Such systems run software of mixed criticality and even different operating systems, thereby driving the requirement for safety certification.

The QNX Platform for Digital Cockpits enables automakers to offer a reliable and secure QNX-based digital instrument cluster and infotainment system that provides access to the latest Android-based applications such as Google Maps and Google Play Music all from a single ECU. 

Secure, Efficient and Customizable

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Secure Implementation of Android or Linux

The QNX Platform for Digital Cockpits enables the integration of QNX, Android and/or Linux guests on a single SoC in a secure manner. To mitigate potential Android vulnerabilities for example, designed-in Android security mechanisms prevent the direct exchange of data between Android and safety-critical systems and networks such as the Controller Area Network (CAN).

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Design and Development Ease

Advanced device sharing frameworks provide hardware agnostic sharing of device resources such as graphics processing, audio, video processing, input, USB, , etc.) between guests and host domain.

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Fully-configurable Platform Architectures

The QNX Platform for Digital Cockpits offers maximum design flexibility to automakers, providing the essential building blocks for configuring any number of cockpit architectures and implementations, including:

  • Multiple guest architectures: QNX, Linux and Android guests Single guest architecture: Android guest (with all other QNX processes executing in the hypervisor host domain)
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Quick Time-to-Market

Pre-integrated reference implementations enable faster time-to-market of low, mid or high-end digital cockpit platforms.

Additionally, build-in pre-certified safety components to facilitate system-level ISO 26262 certification.


The QNX Platform for Digital Cockpits provides the essential building blocks for configuring any number of cockpit architectures and implementations. Additional QNX technologies can be integrated to build secure, reliable cockpit solutions.


  • QNX Hypervisor
  • QNX Hypervisor for Safety (ISO 26262 ASIL D)
  • QNX Resource Sharing Frameworks
  • Android reference
  • Linux reference 

In addition, with a QNX Platform for Digital Cockpits license customers have access to all additional QNX infotainment middleware technologies including QNX Acoustic Management Platform, QNX SDK for Smartphone Connectivity, QNX Speech Framework, QNX Multimedia Suite, and QNX Web Browser.

Software Ecosystem

BlackBerry QNX has an extensive automotive ecosystem, with vendors that include:

Google Assistant, Baidu DuerOS, IBM Watson; other solutions: CMU Sphinx,

QNX, open source options for cloud and embedded

Open source cloud and embedded options

HERE Auto, Google Maps, Baidu Maps

Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Baidu CarLife


The Qt Company, Socionext CGI Studio, Crank Software, DISTI, Elektrobit, others

Please contact your BlackBerry QNX representative for enquiries about other vendors.

Automotive Services

BlackBerry QNX has a dedicated team of engineers that specialize in automotive cockpit solution stacks to address your development challenges.

To further extend our services capabilities to support Android, BlackBerry QNX has partnered with Tata Elxsi, a leader in automotive services spanning almost 30 years. From porting to a different hardware platform, integrating a new speech engine or UI technology, helping to meet system KPIs, and supporting Android updates, BlackBerry QNX and Tata Elxsi services teams become an extension of your development team, focused on meeting production deadlines on time, and on spec.

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